Options participants have when registering for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Travellers more than anything want choice – choice to move, to switch, to rip up the itinerary and change plans.

Of course it helps to have reservations and bookings made ahead of time, but the thrill of the adventure can be found by living in the moment.

When touring the USA and soaking in what this diverse and rich country has to offer, there will often be a chance to sign up for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, a journey that will take participants to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

These placements are regularly booked out all across the year, but there are usually some options and flexibilities that will allow clients to make some key decisions and cater to their own needs.

Here we will look at what those options will look like when seeking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

Various pickup and drop off points

Travellers won’t be limited to a single point of entry when it comes to their own personal Grand Canyon helicopter tour. This is an industry that caters to a number of different locations. Outlets are available in Arizona state close by to the site, but the same can be said for providers based out of Colorado state as well as the bright lights of Las Vegas. Visitors leaving from the strip will need to prepare themselves for an extensive 4 ½ hour journey to the destination, but mixing this journey in with the infamous landmarks and activities on offer in the city of sin will be an experience of a lifetime.

Air tours or landing spots

As the customer, you will be able to make a selection of various offerings for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour that is suited to your itinerary and requirements. This will see two central services promoted for clients: an air-only tour that scours the natural plains from thousands of feet in the air, or a more extensive experience that incorporates landing spots to soak in the Grand Canyon from the ground level. One of the most popular hot spots for those that do make the stop is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a transparent sky bridge that stands 4,000 feet above the surface.

Window or middle seats

Passengers in some cases will be able to issue their personal preference for a window or middle seat on the provision that they contact their Grand Canyon helicopter tour provider ahead of time. These choppers do require careful weighting where no single side can be overbearing or favoured, threatening the safety of the individuals onboard. Yet if there is a desire to access the best possible photographic opportunities from the window, or if there is a fear of motion sickness where a middle seat is a preference, then these seating arrangements can be organised.

Other canyon activities

Those travellers who are not in a rush and want to see, hear and taste what Arizona has to offer can incorporate other activities alongside their own Grand Canyon helicopter tour. From the picturesque Havasu Falls to seeing the vintage Grand Canyon Village or taking part in the famous Bright Angel Trail, there is plenty to see and do for people of all preferences and persuasions.

Variety of tour providers

The good news for domestic and overseas travellers is that they are spoiled for choice when it comes to their option of a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Whilst there is a degree of competition like in any industry, this is a community who are available to service men, women, children, families and groups who want to enjoy one of the most famous landmarks on planet earth. Take a glance of the outlets online and engage them with your itinerary to see what is available.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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