New Solo trailer has whet fans’ appetites for the latest Star Wars instalment

An extended trailer for the latest Star Wars film, Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released 5 weeks out from the movie’s release date and it has got fans excited.

Following the disappointment of The Last Jedi, it appears that the Star Wars films may be back on the right track with this new instalment. A two-minute clip revealing a young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, Chewbacca and Lando, played by Donald Glover, makes for a good first impression.

It appears that the film has cleverly worked in some classic Star Wars lines and ‘in-jokes’ to bring the film to life and give fans the spine-tingling memories of the original episodes.

One scene even has a clever twist on words when Solo says, “I’ve got a good feeling about this” taken from the original Episode IV. We even see a glimpse into a potential love interest for Chewbacca in the new film, something the Wookie was denied during the original trilogy.

The new Solo film will tell the story of Han Solo and how he became a part of the Rebel Alliance in the first place from his humble beginnings as a gambler. His acquisition of the Millennium Falcon and his friendship with Chewbacca are both intriguing parts of the story all of which are set to be revealed in the new movie.

It is the shortest time between Star Wars movies in the film’s history with fans having to wait 3 years between the original episodes before Disney began to give us a new one every December since they acquired the rights from George Lucas in 2012.

Disney will be hoping that Solo: A Star Wars Story performs better than The Last Jedi which left the organisation in a difficult position. The film, at the time, was the 9th highest grossing film of all time reaching $1.3 billion however the fan reception was poor with many saying that it missed key details and diverted from the storyline.

Episode seven grossed over $2 billion and Disney will be hoping that this latest instalment will be able to do the same. There is plenty of hype around it but as Episode VIII showed, hype isn’t everything when it comes to the fans reception.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will first air at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15 before reaching cinemas globally from May 25.

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