Never compromise on your mental peace for someone else’s derogatory actions

In our entire lifetime, we meet several people who are responsible for so many situations in our lives. Some help us grow inside out, while some let us down, some bring joy to us while some are responsible for our heartbreaks; everyone comes to our life with a reason and lots of experiences.

We should still be generous enough to let people come into our lives as it makes us sound both mentally and heartily and helps us to face the best and worst situations of our lives.

It is also a part of healthy living because we grow as a human while being able to survive these situations. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle, as we know, are many, and thus sustaining the odds of life is beneficial for our mental growth, given that we don’t compromise it under any circumstance.

Self-love is the best love ever:

There is nothing like loving yourself and it is not considered to be selfishness when you do something for the sake of your happiness. It’s often argued that you need to sacrifice your happiness sometimes to make others happy; well, it is correct to some extent but not always.

We all need to compromise on our daily life habits at some point to make situations better or to make our loved ones happy but when the circumstances start demanding your happiness always then is the time when you should be concerned about yourself.
There are indeed some people in everyone’s lives who never care for you and keep on troubling you mentally or physically just for their own needs.

They do not bother whether their actions are causing you hurt or not; they are busy with their own lives and thus continue performing such derogatory acts which may cost you your mental peace. These people are your close ones most of the times as they are only responsible for our happiness or sadness; the ones who are not so crucial in our lives would never be able to cause us severe mental agony as their actions do not matter much to us.

Always being depressed is not at all considered under healthy lifestyle habits as it can cause severe damage to any person both physically and mentally. We need to love ourselves so much that other people’s non-caring attitude never disturbs us to a greater extent and we end up being hurtful for no cause.

How to keep yourself unaffected by the negativity caused by others?

Well, it is saddening that other people possess a control over our mood more than our own actions, but we may still choose to change it as and when we want. We must not let other people’s actions affect us by any means, and for that to happen, we must learn to ‘let go’ anything and everything that hurts us or is derogatory for ourselves.

People need to set themselves free from the suffocating relations, situations or anything that affects their mental health tremendously. At the end of the day, our ‘peace of mind’ is what matters to us most and nothing else. When we master the art of letting go and moving on, situations around us starts getting better, and we realize that nothing in this world matters more than our own happiness.

The closure

There are specific instances in everyone’s lives when they break down or feel agonized due to other’s actions; be it their boss, partners or friends! The influential people take care of themselves well in these types of situations, but the weaker ones fall prey to such circumstances and either become stressful or slip into acute depression.

We usually think that being healthy means a physically fit body but what we fail to understand is that the wellbeing of our mental health is equally important. And thus we must appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and start practicing such a lifestyle accordingly to be happier in the long run.


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Chandan Singh
Chandan Singh
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