Netflix’s Daybreak promises unpredictable apocalyptic twists

What does it like to live during the apocalypse? According to Josh Wheeler of Netflix’s Daybreak, “It’s awesome.”

The series’ executive producers, Jeff Fierson, Brad Peyton and Aaron Eli Coleite all agreed to give the audience a fresh kind of experience set in the post-apocalypse time. Since most of the audience is very familiar with its classic formula of survival and interpersonal conflict amongst the characters, the showrunners opted to change the approach in presenting an end-of-the-world genre.

Instead of giving the audience the usual grey and brown hues seen in most post-apocalyptic movies and TV series, the creators of this Brian Ralph comic-based series, added a variation of colors to make it more thrilling and more fun to watch. In addition to that, the showrunners promised different twists especially when the story is becoming too predictable.

“We know that the audience is actually very genre-literate. They’ve watched everything, we’ve watched everything,” Coleite told SYFY Wire. “If we want to do something fresh and reinventive we have to subvert everything. If you know where the story is going, we have to make it twist.”

Netflix’s Daybreak is a story of high school students in Glendale, California who happened to survived some sort of nuclear reaction. Everyone over 18 who did not die in the explosion turned into a zombie which everyone on the show referred to as “Ghoulies.” Now it is up to the youngsters to build the neighborhood from scratch.

Aside from the thrill that the audience will get from watching this hilarious series, the show also ensures the rich storytelling of the characters’ deep and complex history. Initially, the viewers will get to meet Colin Ford’s character, Josh Wheeler, the main character who is looking for his girlfriend, Sam (Sophie Simnett), whom he has not seen since the explosion, Wesley Fists (Austine Crute), a former bully who turned his back on the jocks to become a pacifist samurai and Angelica Green (Alyvia Alyn Lind), a genius home-schooled girl.

So what makes this show different from other apocalypse movies and TV series? Well, aside from it being a “high school show in all intents and purposes,” it is a show that offers a balance between amusement and apocalyptic. Payton said that they wanted a dangerous world but they did not want their show to focus on survival alone. They wanted to create someplace where people can find an escape, where they can find optimism, fun and hope, “a world where we want to be part of.”

Catch the first 10 episodes of Netflix’s Daybreak on October 24th.
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