Netflix picks up Don’t Look Up starring Jennifer Lawrence

It has been almost two years since Jennifer Lawrence had been center stage with her stint in Red Sparrow. Sure, she had a cameo of sorts in X-Men: Dark Phoenix but who remembers that, right? Now the Oscar winner is returning to the big screen in a big way.

J-Law will be starring in Adam McKay’s new film that was picked up by streaming giant Netflix titled Don’t Look Up and a yet to be titled feature drama by A24 about a veteran soldier that struggles with trauma.

Don’t Look Up is a dark comedy about the impending end of the world and follows to entry-level astronomers who go on a major media tour to warn everybody that an asteroid will hit the planet and destroy all life on Earth.

McKay described the dark comedy as a farce akin to the likes of Wag the Dog, Doctor Strangelove, and Network. The director told Deadline that he will be satisfied and happy if the film turns out to be as good as the films he mentioned last year when his film was announced. McKay’s original plan was to take the film, together with Hyperobject Industries, his company, to Paramount which was their first choice.

The Academy Award-winning director who made Vice and the Big Short, the former being nominated for best picture expressed that he was excited to make the movie alongside Jennifer Lawrence, adding that the actress was ‘a dynamite act’, alluding to the term used by people from the 17th century. McKay also said that Netflix picking up his movie is a testament that the streaming giant sees his film as a major international comedy that has motivated him and his team to ensure they do justice by it.

This wasn’t the first time McKay and Lawrence were involved in the same project. Deadline reported that back in 2016, the two were projected to pair up to do an Elizabeth Holmes movie, with the actress set to portray Holmes herself but the project has remained in development limbo since then.

Lawrence has been regarded by fans around the world as charming and funny and had dreamed for her to utilize her real-life sense of humor and charm into the big screen and this seems to be the starting point for that. The actress prior to this project has yet to fully utilize her natural comedic chops which makes everyone excited when Don’t Look Up is premiered.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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