Netflix Originals Film Rattlesnake fails expectations

Netflix Originals Film Rattlesnake fails to exceed the audiences’ expectations and was called “beyond poor” by some viewers.

Last October 25, the streaming giant released one of its horror movies for this Halloween season. The trailer released last October 10 actually promises heart-stopping and chilling scenes but unfortunately, some horror fans seemed to be disappointed with the end result.

Daily Mail reported that fans took to Twitter to express their frustration regarding the movie. Some people went to the point of naming it as “beyond poor” and describing it as “so bad” that they wanted a refund from Netflix. Other people saw it as a comedy instead of horror while some thought that the film has some potential but their hopes went downhill as it nears its ending. People actually demanded for a “rewrite and re-release”.

The Netflix Originals Film Rattlesnake is about a single mother, Katrina (Carmen Ejogo), who is trying to save her daughter from death. While the two of them are stranded in a desert, her daughter was bitten by a rattlesnake. Frightened for her daughter’s life, Katrina decided to knock on some stranger’s house and ask for help. An old woman aids them and takes the poison away from the girl’s body. However, in order to pay her debt, Katrina must kill someone or her daughter will be put back to her original state.

Katrina found out that Tulia, Texas, the place where was in, is actually a place where a lot of people gone missing. Because of that. She went out of her way to go and fulfill her end of the agreement. She then decided to make a stranger named Billy (played by Theo Rossi) her victim when she saw him abused his girlfriend, (Emma Greenwell). Katrina drove this man to the canyon wherein some fights happened between them. But in the end, Katrina succeeded and her daughter was completely healed.

While some viewers did not enjoy the movie, others were actually satisfied with the ending. One viewer took to social media to say that the movie has some great idea but wished that it “fleshed the mythology out a bit more” and added that some scenes in the desert were actually creepy.

Another one shared that she watched the film without any expectations. She finds the lead actress “fantastically watchable.”

Lastly, another netizen said that the Netflix Originals Film Rattlesnake won’t win any awards but he actually enjoyed in all the same. He admitted that there were parts wherein it “wavers a bit” but it has a satisfying ending.
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