Netflix in talks with Warner Bros. for a potential 6th season for Lucifer

After saving Lucifer from getting canceled and an amazing fourth season, Netflix might be extending the show’s lifespan.

Deadline has reported that the streaming giant and Warner Brothers Television are currently talking to potentially have a season 6 for the Tom Ellis-led show.

After being canceled by Fox, Netflix swept in and saved the show from oblivion back in 2018. Season four premiered last year on Netflix and became a fan favorite in the streaming site.

Within its first month on Netflix, Lucifer took the top spot in Parrot Analytics’ weekly in-demand streaming list in the United States and was on the list months after the series was released on Netflix, which the streaming giant took notice.

Netflix has subsequently ramped up its focus on producing comedy and romantic content, but fantasy and sci-fi shows like Lucifer are still a major facet of the streaming giant’s content, having over 40 fantasy/sci-fi shows that are currently in development and production based on Ampere Analysis, a research firm’s study.

If Warner Brothers and Netflix can agree on a deal, it would be a huge win for the streaming platform, even if fantasy/sci-fi is not their main focus. Their competitors like Disney+ who have a wide library of fantasy and sci-fi content like Star Wars is probably their main armament in the raging streaming wars that are currently happening in cyberspace. With shows like Lucifer and Stranger Things, Netflix will not lose on that end of the spectrum.

Even when it was still on Fox, it garnered a huge following despite the low numbers when it came to Lucifer’s ratings. Fox executives pointed out that the show was not drawing enough viewership for it to be renewed. Later on, former Fox TV chief executive Dana Walden explained that another factor that played a major role in the show’s cancellation is economics since Lucifer was produced by WB together with Jerry Bruckheimer’s production company and they said that they could not justify paying to produce a show from a neighbor studio.

This is the proverbial ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ scenario for Netflix, with Lucifer being one of their more popular shows available now and they have taken notice that the show’s numbers are good enough (for them) to take note of another season after the apparent first plan of having a season five for its finale.

Lucifer season 4 was very interesting, to say the least, having the gang back together and adding characters like Eve, exquisitely played by Inbar Lavi who added a bright new flavor to the already colorful show.

One can only hope that Lucifer does get a season 6, and hopefully another one after that. How much sympathy can the devil garner to ensure his show continues?

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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