NBN could soon become irrelevant in major cities

The NBN could soon be irrelevant in many of the nation’s major cities as large companies and even state governments begin to look to alternatives to the infrastructure that has been on the end of much criticism.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has recently had his home connected to the NBN and is happy with his new connection however the same cannot be said for the 2.5 million other Australians who are still waiting for their NBA cables to be installed.

After originally being praised as a great investment and something that would benefit Australia for years to come has since been damaged by politics, poor decisions and businesses altering attitudes.

The scheme was supposed to connect ninety percent of homes to 100MB/second but has instead just soaked up tax payer’s money and money that could have been spent on alternative and better infrastructure.

Resultantly, many of the major business and providers are simply undercutting the service by providing their own alternative or simply offering cheaper services.

Adelaide to launch its own

In fact, Adelaide is set to bypass the NBN should the current Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill, be re-elected in March. Weatherill announced funding of $35 million dollars for a fibre network that would supply Adelaide and surrounding areas with adequate internet.

This announcement comes after the Adelaide City Council began working with TPG in an effort to develop an NBN-alternative for local businesses. This service is set to be up to 100 times faster than the NBN using a fibre cables.

5G set to launch in 2019

There are also threats from major broadband suppliers with the introduction of 5G service and alternatives likely to be introduced in the coming years.

Optus and Telstra are set to launch 5G services as early as 2019 which would signal a huge leap from the NBN for all Australia customers.

The Managing Director of Optus believes that 5G technology will be a game changer for everyone and is likely to be able to reach everyone from their home office to their devices and even in the paddock.

He continued by saying that the new technology will see data speeds up to 15 times faster than they currently are and is a “transformative technology to support a new ecosystem of technologies”.

Canberra to also show competition

iiNet has launched its own broadband line to compete with the other suppliers and NBN with VDSL2 being launched in Canberra. It is said to provide a faster connection than standard plans and most NBN plans.

The network is an independent operation and uses its own combination of copper and fibre that has been installed.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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