Mike Fruciano discusses Effective Presentations and the art of public speaking

Mike Fruciano is considered by many to be the worlds #1 public speaking coach. He is also the Founder and CEO of Effective Presentations, providing public speaking and leadership training to business professionals and individuals who want to boost their confidence and their careers. He believes that innovation, coupled with fresh ideas, is at the core of developing strong public speaking and communication skills.

Mike answered a few questions:

Mike, why did you start Effective Presentations?

I started Effective Presentations because I wanted to revolutionize the culture of communication in todays marketplace.  The vast majority of presentations I have watched throughout my career have been marginal to painful.  Giving presentations make or break careers and I wanted to put people in a position to reach and exceed their goals.  Anybody can learn to become an effective communicator with the right tools and practice.

What is the key difference between corporate training and individual training?

Our corporate training is for the employees of large to mid-size companies. Our individual training provides corporate level training for small businesses or individuals who normally wouldn’t have access to professional corporate training.   Individuals can sign up for our open enrolment workshops around the country.

Where do you offer your services?

We are based in the United States but we offer our services and training world-wide. Most of the folks that we train outside the US select the live virtual training option.  They get to experience the one of a kind presentation training only given by Effective Presentations.  We do send our trainers to other countries now and then for special events.

What part of your services have you found to be the most effective and helpful for clients?

Our primary focus is on communication; whether it is a formal presentation, or a casual conversation with co-workers. The most impactful tool we provide to our clients is a definable process to increase influence when communicating.   Our clients are given the right tools to become powerful communicators.

Are your services available online?

In addition to our on-site in person training, we offer a robust virtual platform that is accessible from anywhere you can access the internet. Our trainers provide the same exceptional level of training virtually that we provide in person.

What do you believe are the key takeaways from your teachings regarding the importance of business communication?

Effective Presentations’ proven, results-driven corporate training programs are all about communication! We facilitate highly interactive workshops that strengthen leadership, boost employee morale, and promote teamwork, productivity and sales! One of the biggest takeaways is empowering each participant with confidence so they can eliminate their nerves and be in control in every presentation they deliver.

Can your packages be customised to individual needs?

Every workshop is tailored and customized for every company we work with.  We provide flexible training programs that meet all of our client’s needs. An individual can access this level of customization with our virtual coaching platform. Each program is designed for the success of the participant!

Does the person’s skill level in public speaking make a difference?

Absolutely not! Our workshops are highly interactive, giving each participant the opportunity to create their own transformation with our nationally certified trainers as their guide. We specialize in working with both seasoned presenters, as well as people that have never given a formal presentation. Our workshops allow participants to increase their public speaking and presentation skill set to transform into articulate, powerful presenters.

In your opinion, has the quality of public speaking declined in recent decades, and if so, how does it affect careers and business success?

I believe it has because of the technology age.  The younger generations is moving into the workplace, they are glued to their cell phones and are struggling to communicate effectively with others face to face.  The ones that possess exceptional communication skills are catapulted through the ranks and end up in a leadership position.  I strongly believe that no matter what industry you are in communication is the #1 skill that will affect your position, relationships and enjoyment in life.


Thank you Mike for sharing your thoughts with us.
You can follow up with Mike Fruciano at effectivepresentations.com


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