Marvel’s Moon Knight rumored to be Stained Glass Scarlet

Stained Glass Scarlet might make it to Marvel’s Moon Knight TV series while fans still hope for Bushman to be the lead villain.

Disney recently announced that the Marvel new series will be launched to its streaming platform, Disney+, however, no further information was shared aside from the show’s logo. Fans are still eager to know who will play the lead and title character, Marc Spector, and if Bushman will be included in the series to be the main villain. With all these being said, thank you to the reliable source who discloses a tiny detail about the other characters to appear on the series. Because of this, fans are no longer kept in total darkness. reported that MCU Comics got hold of juicy information from a reliable source regarding the villain to be featured on the show. According to the news outlet, Stained Glass Scarlet will appear in the upcoming comic book-based series. However, it is not clear if she will only be in a series for a few episodes or if she will be the main villain.

Many are still looking forward to seeing Bushman in the show as the lead character’s main enemy but things could still work out even if Scarlet join the party. After all, she had been appearing in the comic book series for quite some time.

Stained Glass Scarlet was first seen in Marvel’s Moon Knight #14. Similar to the title character, she does not possess any power but instead uses a crossbow to harm anyone who gets on her way. What makes her more interesting is that she shares a psychic connection with Marc Spector, or at least that is the case in the comic books. Aside from allowing her to communicate with Spector, it also makes her able to get involved in the protagonist’s dream when the connection is open. Based on the comics, she and Moon Knight got into a fight after he stopped her from her bombing attacks. She then leapt from a bridge which led her to her demise.

Getting Stained Glass Scarlet involved in the series will definitely add an interesting turn in the series and even more so if the showrunners decided to include Bushman as well. But the fans will have to wait to see if the rumor is true.

Marvel’s Moon Knight still does not have a release date. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.
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