Man accidentally kills wife during vacation in Greece

Greek law enforcement officers are investigating a freak accident where a man accidentally ran over and killed his wife. The man and his wife, both British nationals, were reportedly intoxicated during the incident.

The couple was returning from a night out to their vacation villa at Skiathos, Greece when the accident happened. The woman reportedly fainted and fell out of their vehicle. Authorities say the freak accident took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Unaware that she had fainted on the ground, the husband accidentally ran over her in an attempt to park the car. The woman was 58-years-old when she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her lifeless body was transferred to the Skiathos Health center.

Speaking to the Sun Online, police officer Vayia Zigra detailed the event saying:

“She appears to have been prone when he inadvertently hit her, causing fatal injuries at 4 am this morning. That suggests she may have got out of the car and fainted. She is believed to have died on the spot. It’s a very bizarre, very sad incident.”

According to authorities the couple was known to spend their holidays on the island annually.

The Guardian reports that the man in question is currently awaiting trial after being charged with involuntary manslaughter. However, authorities are currently treating the case as an accident. The woman’s body will be taken to the central town of Larissa to carry out an autopsy.

Local media reports that many on the island were shocked by the tragic news. Skiathos is a known travel destination amongst Britons.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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