Lil Nas X schools Kevin Hart on anti-gay prejudice

Lil Nas X was put in an uncomfortable spot after the young rapper had to explain to Kevin Hart the anti-gay prejudice that led to his decision to come out as gay.

HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted featured the Old Town Road hitmaker on Tuesday’s episode where he was asked about why it was necessary to come out at the peak of his track’s success. Before Lil Nas X could answer, Hart immediately exclaimed: “He said he was gay, so what?”

The interruption did not sit well for viewers who took to social media to slam the comedian. Lil Nas then said the decision to come out wasn’t “forced” revealing that living as an openly gay man was driven from being taught to “hate that sh**” growing up. To which Kevin Hart interrupted once again asking “Hate what?” twice.

“Homosexuality, gay people,” Lil Nas explained apparently exasperated by Hart’s response.

“Why?” Hart asked.

“Come on, now,” Lil Nas says seemingly unconvinced that Hart had no idea about what he was talking about.

“Why are you growing up to hate it?” Hart asked once again.

“If you’re really from the hood, you know,” the rapper responds.

He then explains that coming out publicly at a time when he wasn’t as popular would translate to doing it “for attention, in my eyes.” And that his timing mattered so the public knows it’s “for real.”

Hart was previously under fire for initially refusing to apologize for his use of homophobic language in his past social media posts.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
Laura is a reporter and a gossip columnist for Best in Australia. She focuses on celebrities, science and social affairs in Australia and worldwide.
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