9 Life-changing interior design ideas for small spaces

It is always good to have a tidy and neat place. We don’t mean just clean, but also a well-organised would make the space look more presentable and easier to live in. If you’re looking to change up your space a little, but you’re worried because there’s not much of it, don’t worry. There’s no shortage of interior design tips that can help you not only give your space the aesthetic you want but also to make it look roomier than it is.

This requires a combination of smart shopping and some optical illusions, but once you decorate a space with a clear vision in sight (plus some great advice), you can’t really go wrong.

We have gathered a few guidelines for you, so keep reading for some life-changing interior design advice.

1. Make a pathway

The number one rule when decorating your place is to not block your pathway through your apartment or your house. Sometimes your furniture might be in the way, especially if you’re trying to cram in a lot of it in limited space. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you like the way a room turns out, but it can be inconvenient.

This problem, however, can be remedied through the proper placement of all the furniture. When you set it all up, make sure to envision what places you’ll be walking around the most, where the door is, and then make a pathway through that area.

One way of fixing this problem is by pushing the furniture to the side of the room or putting them in an area that you don’t normally walk on to make your movement around the place easily accessible.

2. Use kitchen cabinets

One important area you should start with through the interior design when you want to remodel your place is defiantly the kitchen. Your kitchen can get out of order easily. Stuffing kitchen appliances in every corner was one of my nightmares. So, one good point is to only buy the stuff you need and try to put everything in its place.

You might want to opt for some open shelves in there instead of the usual kitchen cabinetry. This way, you’ll be able to make your kitchen look much more open and have the added benefit of having to dial down on how many kitchen utensils and supplies you own.

If you’re concerned about storing the bigger pots and pans, you can install base cabinets for it.

3. Use wallpaper wisely

One of my favourite ways to change the look of my place is using wallpaper. You should never underestimate the power of optical illusions. If you want to make your space look wider or taller than it is, use wallpapers with horizontal or vertical lining, respectively.

You don’t have to go down the route of plain stripes either – anything with the same kind of symmetry like wooden panels will do the trick.

4. Implement two contrasting colours

Choosing the right colours can help your place look bigger. By choosing contrasting colours, you can give the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. It would look roomier, and the colours will also make it look lovelier. For example, if you have green plants around your place, you can use a dark blue colour. The dark blue will help your place look spacious in contrast with the green plants.


5. Take advantage of the corners

Never underestimate the power of the corners. These small, somewhat invisible places can be decorated and used for storing your stuff. Normally people use the corners for plants and vases, but we can definitely get more creative. Corners are ideal for small triangle tables, a cute bookshelf design or even a tall metal shelf to store some of your heavy objects. You could also make your place look awesome by putting decorative stuff on these shelves or just spreading your framed photos to give your place a character.


6. Vertical space

Utelising vertical space in small apartments is a must. Not only it will help you make the most out of your space it’s going to give the illusion that you have a bigger room. Taking advantage of vertical space is also going to save you a lot of floor space too. You can store some of your stuff on top of your bookshelves or the kitchen pantry.

Install shelves that can house your toaster and coffee maker in the kitchen to save more space, especially if you have a small kitchen. Try to store all your kitchen appliances vertically so you’d only have the dining table on the floor. This would make your kitchen look very spacious even though it’s small.

7. Furniture shape

When you’re buying furniture, make sure you keep the dimensions of the space you’re shopping for in mind. If you want to make a space look taller, go for tall and slim furniture like to-the-point high chairs and tall vases for decor.

On the other hand, you can go for low-set and wide furniture if you want the space to look roomier, but make sure you have enough floor space for this kind of setup.

8. Hanging furniture

This can be one of the best ways to utilise space when it’s limited. Think side tables and coffee tables hanging from the wall or cool folding beds design that can be put out of the way if you’re not using them to sleep or lay in. Not only will this save space, but it’ll also bring a unique twist to your space.

9. Use mirrors in interior design

Mirrors design can have the ability to make a space look and feel bigger, which is why things like a full-length mirror are essential to small-space decor. If you feel like you don’t have the extra space, try getting a closet that has mirrored doors.

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