Leonardo Gamboa discusses his revolutionary business, Tradex Plus

Leonardo Gamboa is the President and Director of Tradex Plus, which is a business that offers mail forwarding services for international customers trying to purchase goods from the United States. Tradex Plus offers its comprehensive range of services to private households and businesses, focusing on creating a mailing address in the US for clients, procurement assistance, US phone and fax numbers, along with a “digital office.”

Fortunately for us, Leonardo was able to spare some time and answer a few questions about Tradex Plus.

Leonardo, would you be able to provide a brief overview of Tradex Plus?

Basically, our company, Tradex Plus, is a shipping business that assists businesses and individuals who are unable to organise shipping to their country. This could be for a variety of reasons, however, most of the time it is because the retailer or wholesaler they have chosen does not offer shipping services to their country.

In this scenario, our role is to help international customers create a US-based mailing address where their items can be posted to. After this, we forward the items onto the customer’s chosen address or delivery location. No matter where the address is, we have adequate shipping services that will ensure you get the products you ordered.

What are some of the specific benefits of your shipping services?

We are one of the more popular options in the market for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that we offer a service in which customers can order a variety of items from different retailers yet organise shipping into one simple package. Basically, we’ll ensure that we receive all your purchased items and ship them to your specified location in one trip. This is great for the customer because it saves them a lot of money, not to mention time and resources as well.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to our primary mission of helping international customers get the products they need when they can’t necessarily get them because of shipping embargoes or location constraints.

What are some of the other services that Tradex Plus provides?

Tradex Plus provides a variety of great and reliable services to its customers. We have found that mail forwarding is a particularly popular and valuable tool that many international civilians require. Basically, with our form of mail forwarding, you can rent a secure US-based mailbox, where you can receive any form of important correspondence. It could be parcels, packages or letters – whatever you need mailed can go straight to that secure location.

So, what’s the benefit of this? Well, a lot of our customers are international students (on exchange), who need correspondence sent to a location in the US. It’s also great for people who live overseas who may require mail set to the US, likely because they have financial interest or obligations in the US (like a credit card or a US business). At the same time, people who want to set up a “virtual office” in the United States can also benefit from mail forwarding services.

Likewise, we also offer services in procurement, mail repackaging and mail consolidation. Mail consolidation is where we ship your goods to you in one single package. We can unpack and re-pack your goods to save you money on your shipping costs (can decrease by around 60%). We can also help with mail repackaging services to save you money on your shipping costs. We have found that a lot of companies will put items in larger shipping boxes, so they can charge you a higher price for shipping. A lot of the time, the excessive packing material is unnecessary and just a waste of resources. Thankfully, once your goods reach our warehouse, we are more than happy to place them into smaller packages if required or wanted, thereby helping you financially.

You mentioned some of your customers want a “virtual office.” What exactly does this mean?

The US economy is often the centre of trade and economic activity in the Northern Hemisphere. A lot of our customers have business interests in the US; however, they are often operating in other countries, like parts of South East Asia or Australia. Basically, we can help you create a virtual office in the US, which can greatly help you expand your business’ operations and bolster efficiency.

Basically, we’ll help you set up a mailing address, which can be displayed on your company’s website. However, you’re probably wondering what happens if you’re not in the US when mail arrives. We recognise that forwarding on that mail takes time, so we’ve devised an effective solution, so you can beat the clock. Our mail services include a mail viewer. When mail arrives at your set US location, we scan it and upload it to our system. From there, you can access any documents or files you may need via remotely secure tool. It is a secure and safe way to ensure your business is efficient and up to date!

What do you think makes your business model so successful and effective?

I think the key to our success has been our logistics network. Our logistics network, from the outside, probably seems quite complicated and convoluted. However, I can assure you that our model is simple and straightforward, guaranteeing the best results for our clients.

Our network consists of reliable, dedicated and professional forwarding agents across the United States. Our people will receive your deliveries, process them and organise for them to be forwarded on to you. With this model, we can ensure that our supply chain is both efficient and cost-effective, saving you hundreds on shipping costs.

Moreover, our forwarding agents are located across various states in the US, meaning you can simply pick the forwarding agent that is closest to your mail centre or your retailer to minimise any time delays. Get your goods when you need them and when you want them.

Thank you Leonardo for sharing your thoughts with us!
You can follow up with Leonardo Gamboa at https://tradexplususa.com

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