Kitchen Renovation: Balcony Ideas for Your Kitchen for Apartments

Designing your kitchen is fun. From deciding whether you want an open-styled kitchen or a cooking space with extra features – you have to lot to ponder on. And it’s fun because you get excited by seeing the new feature you can add to your kitchen.

If you’re looking to plan such an exciting kitchen, you must consider a side balcony to your cooking space. Gone are the days where a balcony is used only for relaxing and lounging. Now you can convert it into an additional cooking area or as an extension to your existing kitchen. Cooking and dining while being close to the outside world is an exhilarating feeling you can’t miss.

However, it’s natural to wonder how you can have a balcony adjacent to the kitchen in apartments. Flats usually don’t provide the necessary space for the kitchen and balconies, unless you’re designing one on your own. But if you’re one of those lucky persons who have a small balcony to the kitchen or constructing a new flat from scratch, below are the balcony ideas that you can consider.

A kitchen with a side balcony

If you want to achieve a balcony kitchen, then the separation between the two should either be transparent or should have no partition at all. Many people go for a glass wall as it enables easy visibility access from all sides. Moreover, you can enjoy the outside weather while you cook hearty meals for your family. You can sit and relax in the balcony chairs in the middle of the cooking, or you can let your kids play or do their homework while you’re busy in the kitchen. Honestly, a kitchen with a balcony (whether big or small) is a fantastic feature that every homeowner should think of.

Kitchen with a touch of greenery

Imagine you have a kitchen with no attractive features. The best way to add appeal to it is by having a touch of greenery. And if you have a balcony kitchen, there are many great ways where you can achieve it. You can adorn one side of the balcony with different small plants in small pots, all along the wall. Or you can place your favourite herbs so that you can use them while cooking. Or the best practice is you can decorate the balcony or the kitchen with air-purifying plants.

A dining balcony with blinds and curtains

Blinds and curtains are not only for inside home but you can use them outside too to have a closed-room like. You can do this to your balcony by draping long curtains and blinds on all the sides. It not only provides comfort in hot summers but also keeps you safe from prying eyes. Learn here more way on how to have kitchen safety at home.

A balcony in the backyard

Suppose you’re living on the ground floor and have a backyard adjacent to your kitchen. You can turn that backyard into a balcony by constructing or placing partitions. It’s useful when you have a small cooking area and in need of some extra space. You can place a dining table or have that extra needed space for freely roaming around the kitchen. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can either convert the whole backyard into a balcony or the part of it.

Convert balcony into cooking and working space

Currently, the pandemic is ruling the world and most of the employees are working from home. And, you need to balance both cooking and working at the same time. So, why not covert your balcony into a working space? Arrange a table and chair so that you can sit there whenever you have a call or important work to attend to. In between, you can go to your kitchen and cook whatever you have planned for the day.

Balcony with a BBQ grill or wood-fired oven

One of the biggest advantages of having a balcony adjacent to the kitchen is you can use the space for meat grilling and pizza baking. Place a barbeque grill and invite your loved ones to have a fantastic party with delicious meals. Or you can go for placing a wood-fired oven to have that much-needed pizza break in your life. Having such a handy balcony means you can cook things faster and attend to the guests without keeping them waiting.

A multi-functional kitchen – Living room/ Balcony

You can turn your balcony into the living room by placing sofa-sets, lounging chairs, bookshelf, etc. You may ask, why is there a need to convert when you already have one in your home? But remember a living room adjacent to the kitchen can help you in many ways than you think. You can use the space for relaxing, entertaining guests, playing with your kids, etc., all the while having an eye on what’s happening in the kitchen. The only thing is you have to construct proper balustrades and walls to have protection and security to your balcony.

Flowers and plants adorning the balcony kitchen

The best way to bring colour to your balcony kitchen is by placing a few flowering plants. Choose flowers with vibrant colours like red, yellow, orange, etc., to bring liveliness to your kitchen. However, when placing plants, don’t go overboard and be subtle in arranging plants.


Hope the above ideas are triggering creative points in your mind. Talk with your engineer or builder to have a balcony kitchen in your home. It’s not only multi-functional but also creates a mood whenever you are feeling down. You can also enjoy a glass of wine with your partner or have some alone time for yourself. Whatever you do, a balcony kitchen is one of the top trends in kitchen renovations happening in 2020.

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