Joseph Lopez discusses his SEO business in San Bernadino

Joseph Lopez works in the San Bernadino branch of OMG Marketing, an SEO firm that operates in cities around California. He specializes in helping local businesses to gain more customers and clients in the area through having websites that are easier to find and use.

Joseph, how did you get into SEO?

I have a strong gaming background. I used to travel around the west coast competing in video game tournaments. I was able to market myself on Twitter and Twitch to grow my personal brand. I decided in 2017 to open up a Digital Marketing agency and focus on helping other businesses grow. SEO is one of the many services that are overlooked and most businesses that don’t understand how SEO can grow your business.

What is the advantage in a business using local SEO services compared to a company from another city?

According to Google and other major search engines, all of all searches are location based. This means that the third of people that use Google local search are searching for products, services, and information. Going local with your SEO makes it easier to compete and ensure that you are targeting the right customers for your business. Local customers need to know that your business is about and how they can find you.

When a new client comes to you what is your first step?

SEO is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months on end depending on your field of work. We first start off analyzing your website and see if its SEO friendly. We make sure all your social platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram is fully optimized before we get to work. Once optimized we start analyzing keywords and creating long-form content to start generating organic traffic to your website for conversions.

Why is SEO so important for San Bernadino businesses?

Businesses in San Bernardino CA have been battling with a dilemma of whether they need SEO or not. The truth is that if you hope to reach a wider customer base through an online platform, and you are looking to grow your business SEO would be needed. SEO is predicted to grow as most businesses will be spending close to $80 billion on SEO services by 2020.

What makes your firm different to other SEOs?

OMG Marketing caters to every need the business owner needs. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we don’t quote t deliver. We have a dedicated and trustworthy team to deliver and take your business to the next level. The number one thing that stands out with us and separates us from other agencies is that we perform everything in-house, and we never outsource as these other companies do.

Do you offer other digital marketing services, or just focus on SEO?

OMG Marketing is a California SEO Agency focused on providing digital marketing services such as SEO, Web Design and development, social media marketing and pay per click ads in the state of California.

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