John Boyega finds himself in hot water after naughty joke about Rey

John Boyega ended the new year with a bang–a not so good one at that, being accused of his ‘sexist’ comment regarding Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley.

Boyega has been fending off the barrage of comments made by pissed off Star Wars fans online after a joke he made on Instagram went viral. The actor posted a video of himself dancing to welcome the new year with the caption “Stepping into 2020 like” and an Instagram user commenting ‘My man after finding out Kylo died so he can get with Rey’. Boyega then subsequently replying ‘It’s not about who she kissed but who eventually lays the pipe’ which had the internet fuming over his comments.

The actor even doubled down and a hundred percent committed on his joke following his comment up with ‘ lay the pipe. I said what I said, bye’. You have to applaud the man’s balls for committing to something that in this day and age would offend hordes of overly sensitive people on the internet.

Instagram users went on to call out Boyega for his apparent sexist joke who was unable to distinguish the characters from the actors who play them. It was evident that most of the people who got offended by the actor’s jokes were of the ‘Reylo’ ship, the fans that ship Kylo Ren and Rey.

Angry fans went on to comment on things like how they could not believe that it was actually Boyega writing the comments that made them very disappointed. Others said that never in their lives did they think that he would become disrespectful to women.

Even after all this backlash from fans, the actor did not give in to the angry mob and stood his ground without apologizing like what most celebrities do when faced with similar criticisms. He went to Twitter and stated that two consenting adults can do whatever they want and people should not be too sensitive on the matter or what other people say. One witty commenter even stated that in a world full of John Boyegas, make sure you be an Adam Driver.

The actor also added that Ridley is not her character and she is well aware of it and according to Boyega she does not care about the comments. Boyega also clarified that fans should take a quick minute and remember that Star Wars is make-believe, it is fiction and it does not concern the people who portray the characters in real life.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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