Joe Manganiello on casting Sofia Vergara in film ‘Bottom of the 9th”

Joe Manganiello opens up about casting his wife Sofia Vergara in the upcoming drama film Bottom of the 9th.

The married couple is producing and acting opposite each other in the film. While on the set to shoot a new Stand Up To Cancer PSA with Matt Damon, ET scored details of the movie from the man himself. Manganiello shared a cheeky joke about Vergara’s casting saying:

“I cast my wife, so we get to act together for the first time. She just had to sleep with the producer.”

Aside from being married to him, we can’t imagine a single reason to pass up on the offer. After all, many would kill to spend a night with the Magic Mike XXL star.

In the Bottom of the 9th, the actor is set to play a former baseball player who starts coaching a little league team after being released from prison. This prompts him to make an attempt in returning to Major League baseball.

“We were both there at work, which made things a lot easier,” Manganiello said of acting alongside his wife, “You actually didn’t want to leave. It was so much fun.”

When asked if he had memories playing baseball during his childhood the handsome star said: “Well, my biggest [memory of playing baseball] was getting my teeth knocked out with a baseball bat when I was nine”

“So I have fake front teeth,” the actor revealed.

The actor’s Stand Up To Cancer PSA, which will also feature Shazam’s Zachary Levi, is set to premiere on Tuesday’s American League All-Star Game.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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