Jason Momoa’s Frontier canceled after just 3 seasons

Netflix has allegedly canceled the Jason Momoa-led television series Frontier after just three seasons.

What’s on Netflix reported that the historical drama about the North American fur trade of 1700 Canada did not get an order for a fourth season. The series was the first show Discovery Canada has produced that was featured on the streaming giant and has been low key one of the best-underrated shows Netflix has in its extensive library even being nominated for several awards. 

Frontier chronicles the chaotic and bloody conflict born from the Hudson Bay Company’s corrupt stranglehold on the North American fur trade where back-handed politics mostly end up in blood-stained disputes between the First Nations people and the Europeans. The show is an action-adventure that follows the story of its central character, Declan Harp (Momoa), a half Irish-half Cree outlaw who is on a quest to extinguish the conflict within the region. 

Even though Momoa said last January that Frontier‘s season 4 was on the way, other cast members have tweeted otherwise. Jessica Matten, the actress who plays Sokanon shared in an Instagram post that the show would not be returning for a fourth season. This was followed by Momoa himself, posting on his own Instagram saying “Rest in peace Declan”, referring to his character on the show confirming that it is indeed not coming back for a fourth installment.

Even with Frontier‘s demise, Jason Momoa has still a full plate, with the actor being in numerous projects being part of the DC superhero universe and with the likes of the upcoming sci-fi series See on Apple and another Netflix show called Sweet Girl

Netflix has yet to formally announce the cancelation of the series even with the cast seemingly open to say it out publicly. There is still a chance that the streaming platform can catch the show and fully take on the reins of its production, having rescued shows like Lucifer from cancelation before, but these are just speculations at this point.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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