Jared Padalecki breaks silence after last week’s arrest

After being arrested for public intoxication and two counts of assault, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has broken his silence after a week following his altercation in a bar in Austin Texas.

The 37-year-old actor tweeted last Sunday, thanking the Supernatural fans for all the love and support they have given him.

Padalecki was taken in by the Austin police early Sunday morning of last week after the actor had drunkenly assaulted the manager and another employee of the Stereotype Bar. Entertainment reported that Padalecki was set free by the Travis County Clerk via a public recognizance bond later that day.

Entertainment added that the Travis County Clerk’s office stated that Padalecki was charged with public intoxication and two counts of physical assault that led to injury and was charged $5,000 per charge but was not given any bond for the public intoxication charge.

Last week, TMZ got hold of video footage of the actor outside of the bar with a friend being overly intoxicated while grabbing the friend in what seemed to be a playful headlock. Another portion of the clip was shown with Padalecki sitting on the hood of a police vehicle talking to an officer.

According to the police affidavit, the actor was taken in by the officers when he was being overly uncooperative in the scene and had put his hands on one of the officers leading to his arrest.

The actor went silent for an entire week before his tweet yesterday, with his scheduled appearance in a Supernatural convention in Washington D.C. being canceled due to the incident. Alexander Calvert who plays Jack and Jake Abel who plays Adam Milligan and the archangel Michael in the show stepped in for Padalecki for the Washington Con.

Supernatural has one of, if not the best television fandom today given that the cast has built a strong bond and friendship towards their fans which is a rarity in television and movies so it was not a big surprise that the “SPN Family” has backed up the actor through this trying time. Fellow cast members also supported Padalecki, most notably Jensen Ackles his on-screen big brother who plays Dean Winchester. During a gold panel for Supernatural where he normally attends with Padalecki, Ackles jokingly stated that he enjoyed basking in all the isolated love given to him by the fans, but took it back immediately and said that they should send all their love to Jared.

And I’ll just say it now. Look, he had a bad weekend last week, he’s dealing with what he needs to deal with so send him some support and love“.

Padalecki is scheduled to attend a court hearing to face the assault charges on November 18 based on newly released documents.

Christian Woods
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