Is this a good time of the year to organise silent disco festival?

Celebrations are an integral part of our lives without which we would be living the same day for the whole of our lives. Celebrations might include meeting your favourite people and sharing the joy of something new or even old with them. People celebrate all sorts of moments and achievements as it pleases them and their connections. We all need a reason to be happy and have a good time.

Unfortunately, the past couple of years have been tough on everyone, allowing little to no space for celebrations in person. Virtual meetings and parties have replaced what used to be a bustling evening street somewhere along the river or an overcrowded living room. We have indeed learned a lot over these times about life and how precious it is.

Now when the world is slowly rising to a new dawn with safe practices and preventing the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus with the help of vaccines and well-placed regulations, we can think about celebrating events in person again. We can have proper parties or festivals along with following all the government guidelines and rules. These rules and regulations might differ based on your geographic location, but they can help ward off the virus and keep us safe.

Ever wondered what kind of event or celebration you will organise once the regulations permit you to do so? Let’s talk about silent disco today. It’s a great option for almost all age groups, and we will tell you more about it here.

What is a silent disco?

A silent disco can both be an indoor and outdoor activity where people can enjoy their favourite music using headphones and not disturb others in the surrounding. Several headphones are connected to a hub which provides an option to tune into one or more channels. Each guest gets a personalised headphone set which they can return at the end of the event.

The selection of the music to play on each channel can be done based on the guestlist or the personal preference of the host. Professional DJs can also be hired to regulate the channels and provide some live music. The headphones need to be inside the range of connectivity. That is all that can be termed as a limitation to this form of celebration.

Is this a good time of the year to organise silent disco?

Definitely! When some parts of the world are following social distancing and some have moved on, silent disco can be a good option for both cases. It can be organised for a few guests in a garden or open spaces or halls as allowed.

· ‘Tis the season!

Well, almost! Christmas is just around the corner, and we bet you might be planning to meet your loved ones soon. How about you organise a silent disco event at your place and make this Christmas a special one for them all? There can be any number of people and the event can last for up to an hour.

· Lockdowns are relaxing

With relaxations in lockdowns in some regions, you can meet people at public places. There can be your favourite music or a painting or painting workshop! The event host can provide the instructions through the headphones for the guests to follow. This will be a good change after a long time in lockdowns.

· Offices are reopening

With many offices reopening and calling employees back to their workplace in phases, employers can organise a silent disco as a team-building activity. Employees would feel more comfortable adjusting to the changing routines and workplace with the help of such light events in the initial days. After all, it is not as easy to transition from a work from home model to working from offices for all.

· There’s a birthday coming!

It’s either your or your loved one’s birthday and you want to make it big. Arrange a silent disco and have a blast. It cannot be limited to birthdays either, you can arrange it for wedding receptions, gender reveals celebrations, graduation, etc. Any occasion will be marked successful when the silent disco is a part of the celebration.

Who can join in?

A silent disco can be used to organise a number of events. And based on the type of event, all guests can join in. As we saw, it can be held for social, personal, or corporate events. There is no bar on the age group either. A silent disco can be organised for kids, teenagers, and adults simultaneously.

The option of choosing from different channels playing different music can keep all age groups glued to their headphones. It becomes a matter of choice and convenience. There’s something for everyone.

Words of caution:

Despite the relaxations in a majority of the parts, some areas remain under strict lockdowns. We would urge you to first confirm with local authorities before arranging any such event in case the regulations have changed which they do quite frequently.

Also, keep a tab on the guests who travel from COVID-sensitive zones and/or have been in contact with positive cases. Exercising caution while arranging such an event at your place is a wise thing to do.

Consult a reliable event organiser. Most organisers do provide sanitised equipment and follow the regulations. Make sure the ones you contact are on the safe side of the law.


A silent disco is a great form of celebrating which suits all age groups and event types. It helps reduce noise pollution and even follow social distancing when required. Based on the occasion and the budget, you can select a silent disco plan that will be organised by a team of event management specialists. Contact your nearest ones to know more today.

Whatever be your reason for celebration, we hope you make it memorable by organising a silent disco.

Paul is a director at Party Higher in Australia. He has expertise in organising silent dance parties.  No matter what type of event you want to organise, he is eager to make your special event make unforgettable which you desire. You can contact Me here
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