Ian Somerhalder hopes support for Netflix Originals V-Wars

Ian Somerhalder wishes support from fans for his new Netflix Originals series, V-Wars. Meanwhile, a new set of photos and release date were revealed for his upcoming show.

The Vampire Diaries actor took to Instagram to share his experience about filming the show. According to Cinema Blend, Somerhalder wished that his fans would like the show. He said that he put his heart and soul into making that film and hoped that the audience will like the end result. He even shared that this project had put him into the hospital!

Aside from starring in the series as the lead character, Somerhalder is also producing it and had directed one of the ten episodes in season 1. He said in his video that it is his first time as a producer to deliver a show that is like V-Wars which might only mean that it is one of those rare shows that people will love!

Somerhalder also expressed his wish for the audience to welcome and love the show that Netflix would give them the signal to go for season 2. The news outlet said that the actor loves to tell more of the story which is based on Jonathan Maberry’s works.

Unlike his previous role in The Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder won’t be playing a vampire role, instead, he gives life to Dr. Luther Swann which he first revealed in August 2018. The Anatomy of a Hate Crime actor plays opposite to Arrow‘s Adrianne Holmes who portrays Michael Fayne.

In the upcoming Netflix Originals, a mysterious sickness started turning people into vampires. As more people become affected by the disease, the society continues its split in two opposing camps of normal people and vampires.

Somerhalder and Holmes’ characters are actually best friends in the series until Holmes’ character became infected with the disease and turned into a monster. While he is out there growing stronger and rising up to become the underground leader of the vampires, his best friend, Dr. Swann, is trying his best to gain more information about the phenomenon and understand what is happening.

On another note, the streaming giant revealed the date of the new Netflix Originals. According to their post from Instagram, V-Wars is going to be launched on the platform on December 5, 2019. In addition to that, they shared new sets of photos that will surely excite the audience. Check out the photos below.


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