How your group can be ready for takeoff on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour will stand out as one of the most exhilarating and enjoyable experiences any traveller can take as they soak in the natural surrounds of the American landscape.

As groups decide to book the trip as part of their itinerary, it is important to check that the participants have all of their preparation sorted.

Yet on the day there can be some issues that were not considered before hoping aboard the chopper.

Here we will offer some tips and strategies to ensure that the group will be ready for takeoff, not delaying the journey to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Don’t take luggage

In order for the group Grand Canyon helicopter tour to be a successful exercise, the chopper has to be weighed correctly where there is not an imbalance occurring that favours one side over the other. This means that any type of luggage is to remain off site and the majority of providers will be able to offer a storage option to protect these items. So many travellers from overseas or within the United States ignore this policy or fail to heed the warning signs, believing that they can throw on any bags or items that deem are necessary. That is categorically not the case.

Go to the bathroom beforehand

There is nothing worse than signing up and being hyped for your group Grand Canyon helicopter tour, only to find out that you were a bit too excited and require an immediate bathroom break when flying through the Arizona skies. This is especially the case for partygoers who are very festive and are combining this trip with a tour of Las Vegas. The journey itself can be as short as 45-50 minutes one way within the confines of Arizona state, but can extend to 4 ½ hours when leaving the bright lights and adventure of Las Vegas. Others who leave from Colorado will have their own route to take as well, meaning that a short bathroom break before takeoff is definitely advised.

Be conscious about motion sickness risk

Only a small portion of the travelling community will be at risk of suffering from motion sickness. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour will be an experience to remember but it is worthwhile noting how unique this sensation of flying can be. It is not the same as moving on a commercial flight and it has often been compared to the sensation of moving up an elevator, only at a far greater height. If there is a need to take medication or there is a requirement to sit in a certain position of the helicopter, ensure that this matter has been communicated with the provider ahead of time.

Have the camera ready

There are few more picturesque adventures on planet earth than taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with a group of friends or family members. This places the emphasis on your ability to take great snaps from thousands of feet in the air, bringing aboard your smartphone device or digital camera to enjoy panoramic views of the Arizona Desert. It is an ideal moment to rack up images and photographs that will be placed inside frames, displayed on computer wallpapers and published on social media accounts.

Listen to pilot instructions and tour guide information

The pilot of the Grand Canyon helicopter tour will be your eyes and ears as the headset will be an important piece of equipment that will inform you and the guests about the history of the site, their personal history as a pilot and the correct etiquette as passengers. Those groups who fail to listen end up interrupting the experience for others and frustrates the individual tasked with leading the way.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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