How you can use Quora for all your marketing needs

Founded in June 2009, Quora has grown to become one of the internet’s largest question-and-answer websites. While its core function might not seem to have any connection to marketing, Quora now boasts over 300 million monthly users, which means marketers can seamlessly tap into Quora’s platform to reach a massive audience. However, there are a variety of other measures that Quora can offer to marketers looking to enhance the appeal and awareness of their offerings. So, if you think Quora could underpin your marketing strategy, here is a comprehensive Quora marketing guide on how to get the most out of Quora.

Exceptional reach

As outlined in the introduction, Quora has over 300 million monthly users, which means you can share questions and answers about your products on their platform and reach millions of people. Now, this doesn’t mean that these users will all be instantly converted into sales or long-term subscriptions. Converting these users into sales is a different component of the marketing pipeline.

Search visibility

Moreover, there’s no doubt that Quora can be used to accentuate your brand’s online visibility. Indeed, Quora-based questions are searchable via Google. As a result, it’s easy for people to find the questions and answers relating to your product, enabling them to learn more about what you offer or sell. This leads onto the next point: better quality traffic.

High-quality traffic

By posting questions, answers and content related to your brand, you can effectively drive customers back to your main website. However, what is crucial is that your questions and answers are relevant to the business solution or problem you are trying to solve. Herein, your questions should showcase how your specific product, offering or service can help the customer in a variety of ways. Augment your product’s value and practicality through insightful questions and answers!

Insights about your audience

The great thing about Quora is that its value is two-fold: as a marketer, you can foster awareness for your products/services, however, at the same time, you can engage with your target audience and learn more about their needs and wants. As a result, you’ll be able to pick up new insights and emerging consumer preferences, which you could use to modify or build more lucrative products.

Bolsters your credibility

One of the best advantages of using Quora’s marketing capabilities is that it can enhance your marketing credibility in the industry. By posting answers to specific questions on the Quora platform, users will view you as a highly credible and authoritative source in this specific field. What effect will that have on your products? Well, it will only serve to improve your brand’s online traction.

What about paid advertising?

By creating a Quora account, marketers can also organise paid advertisements to generate awareness and traffic. You can easily use what is known as “conversion targeting”, which allows companies to monitor the impact that Quora ads have on their original website. Basically, this involves quantifying how many users are being directed to the original webpage after having visited/viewed a Quora ad.

How important is your portfolio bio?

Quora is effective for marketing purposes because it doesn’t force your brand, products or promotional materials down the customer’s throat. In many respects, you’re bringing the content to them, as opposed to asking them to come to you. Convenience is an incredibly valuable asset to hold as a business.

Above every answer that you provide, Quora will show the first 50 characters of your profile bio. As a result, the first 50 characters of your biography are very important – think of it as an elevator pitch. In these first 50 characters, you should include things like your company/brand name any essential clickable links, which will help direct traffic to your website.

Make sure you track new content

Furthermore, Quora is a great way for you to conduct market research about your brands and products. It’s no wonder why the site is now worth in excess of $2 billion. In fact, you’ll be able to learn from industry experts in your field, while being able to track specific topics and have questions sent directly to your inbox. Even if you have a product is seemingly perfect, it can always be improved, and a lot of this improvement will stem from reliable market research and new insights.


At the end of the day, Quora possesses a variety of benefits for marketers hoping to increase the scope of their offerings and connect more effectively with their targeted audience. By sticking to the tips and ideas posted in this guide, you’ll be using Quora effectively in no time!


Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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