How to wear high waisted thong bikini this summer

Thong bikini first appeared in the fashion world in the ‘80s but it has become a popular swimwear style over the years. They are everywhere – every beach, Instagram feed, and TV shows. The reason for the popularity of high waisted thong bikini is not farfetched.

Women that spend a long time on the beach get the least tan lines with this type of bikini. Although these pieces have become very popular, many women are still reluctant to purchase or rock a piece.

How to wear high waisted thong bikini this summer

Well, if you have been fantasizing about wearing a high waisted thong bikini and you have not worked up the courage to buy a piece, this post is for you. Here, you will learn how to wear it confidently this summer. Let us get into it already!

Choose a one-piece

Although it is easier to get complete thong bikinis than a one-piece option, the fact is that they are available.

You can do a little bit of shopping across platforms to find the perfect fit. With a one-piece high waisted thong bikini, you can keep the top half of your body covered. This makes you feel less vulnerable or on a show as you might be with the thong only.

Use the straps for your benefits

If you are not comfortable with not having adequate support, you can choose a thong bikini with thicker waist straps.

This can make a lot of difference if you are feeling less confident about the stomach area. With this type, you can tuck in a good part of your stomach area and achieve a more chic look.

You have more options

Do not base your purchase decision on what you see on Instagram feeds and on some celebrities. It can be daunting to choose a high waisted thong bikini like theirs. However, you can choose a different type that offers more coverage than the showbiz types.

Choose a piece that makes you feel more comfortable while you show off your bum in a classy way.

Pick a backup

Having said all that and after you have given yourself the pep talk to be bold and show off, there is still the possibility that you may not be able to pull it off the first time. So, instead of depriving yourself of the opportunity to try putting on a high waisted thong bikini this summer, you can buy a backup.

So, when shopping for your thong bikini, pick a backup bottom that you are more comfortable in. With this, if you feel uncomfortable on your first try of the thong bikini, you can switch and still enjoy your day at the beach.

How to test run your high waisted thong bikini

To ensure you do not need a backup, you should consider test running the thong bikini around the pool with less crowd.

First, it helps to build your confidence in yourself. When ten to fifteen people already saw you in a high waisted thong bikini and did not double over or weirdly look at you, it surely will boost your confidence and you can proceed to the beach. However, if you are not comfortable in it, you can easily return to your room to change before getting to the beach.

There you have the smart tips that will help you rock your high waisted thong bikini without getting all flustered. Follow these tips to have a super outing for your first thong bikini ensemble to the beach.

Nothing makes a girl feel good and boosts her self-image like wearing something that makes her feel beautiful and classy.

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