How to use Twitter’s advanced search

When anyone asks “Hey, can you find me a particular @elonmusk tweet on learning regarding machines?”, then the only option left would using advanced search option available on Twitter. This amazing option helps one to find a particular tweet depending on data, people and many more.

Why such a search option is required

One may be thinking why such a twitter advanced search option is required. Yes, there is a specific requirement as there are many tweets which may be of importance and at the time of necessity it would be easier to locate the same using this means.

It is seen that 300 million people use Twitter each month so when one has the requirement to find a specific one from so many if there is no twitter search option then it would be impossible to locate one.

A friend may be saying “Why to use the advanced search option when there is a regular search option?” Yes, there is a regular search option but that does not give one the possibility of refining the search as done by the advanced one. So, it would be ideal to use the advanced search option than the regular option.

Not only that, one using the search option has to remember or use specific search operators in order to perform a search. There is no requirement so such in case of advanced search as can be seen later.

The best way to use the advanced search option

It can also be said that it is not easy to use the advanced search option. As one reads through it can be easily understood how to use this twitter analytics to locate a specific tweet.

The first and foremost thing that needs to be understood that one does not have a Twitter account to perform such a search. In other words, it can be said that one does not need to login to perform such a search.

When one click on search filter and then advanced search then it may surprise one with the various options that come in front.

If anyone asks “What are the options that come in front while performing an advanced search?” then the answer would be as follows. The options that come to refine the search are many and they are in broad words, people, places, dates and others. These search fields can be used in combination so that specific tweet can be located.

The first result that one can see while performing such a twitter search is that the Top tweets should be displayed. One needs to know that these tweets are those which people are interacting with much. To find the one which may be required one need to go to the Latest tab and search there.

Can the search be further refined? Yes, it can easily be as can be understood as one reads through. One can easily refine the search based on people, photos, videos, news and broadcasts.

It would be great to know in depth regarding the search options which can be done using the twitter advanced search options. The first option is Words which can be used.

One can enter options like all of these words, this exact phrase, any of these words, none of these words, these hashtags and written in languages.

Similarly, the search can be based on people from whom or to whom a specific tweet is from. In the fields that appear one can type from these accounts to these accounts and mentioning these accounts.

The refinement of the search can be done based on Location. If one wishes to refine the search based on this option then the location parameter must be turned on in the account. One can add an address, city, the state, postal code or the country from where the tweet originated to locate it.

Twitter analytics generally searches a radius of 15 miles based on the location that is entered to find the exact tweet as desired.

One can also refine the search based on dates. The start and the end dates need to be filled in the required field and the search can be performed. Only those tweets which originated between these dates with the words chosen will be displayed.

So, by now one may have located the tweet that is required. If not, then the search can be further refined as will be discussed now. One can easily check on the Question box to refine the search. One can also refine the search based on the sentiments that are displayed in a tweet. Using this option happy or sad tweet can be located easily.

So, by now one must have understood how to use the advanced search option. After performing the search and locating the right tweet it would be shameful to let the search result disappear. So, one needs to save the searched result so as to access its later on too.

One can also get an e-mail notification when there are any new search results according to the required field filled. So, having such a notification it would be easier to track the search that is being performed.

The benefits of having such an advanced search

One may be having a question what is the benefits of having such an advanced search. If seen there are many such benefits which can be achieved.

One can save up to 25 such search results and have a look at those, later on, can have an idea as to who is sharing the content, locate keywords which are relevant to a particular brand and the keywords that are used by one.

One can easily track the entire conversation that one had with a particular person having such a search. Having such refreshment can be beneficial when the further conversation needs to be continued. One can also find new ideas for blogs which will enable to have the best of business development.

So, when anyone desires to have such benefits then the advanced search option must be undertaken.

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