How to overcome your fears and lead a fearless life

Do you know who is your worst enemy? Your worst enemies are your inner fears who are stopping you from taking risks and succeeding in your life.

And, the most interesting thing is that you are not born with your fears, you have learned your fears during the course of your life and make these fears part of your life. You can easily overcome your fears, you just need to remove the subconscious blockage of your mind which has triggered all these fears into your life.

Today, every person is struggling with his or her own fears. Some have a fear of losing wealth and some have fear of failure. Today, it doesn’t matter how much a person seems to be confident from outside, but from inside everybody is today struggling to overcome their innermost fears. And, the person who can overpower his unnecessary fears only comes out as a fearless and successful person.

So, if you want to conquer all of your fears and give a successful turn to your life, then you need to practice a few things in your life which will help you in overpowering your fears. That’s because your fears are very powerful, but they aren’t power than your strong will.

Face your fear immediately

Yep, this is the easiest and hard way to conquer your fears. When you are struggling with fear, then the foremost thing that blocks your mind is “I cannot do it”. This is the most common to think when you are about to face your fears.

But, here you should keep one thing in your mind that all your fears are part of your subconscious mind only. Now, you must be thinking where is the subconscious mind located and how can it intensify your fears? Well, your subconscious mind has just locked memory in your mind that has something to do with your fears. So, once you face your fears, then your subconscious mind will automatically remove the negative memory related to that fear and you will be free from your fears.

For example, if a person had a car accident, then she might develop fear from car rides because of the negative memory of the accident in her subconscious mind. So, if in this situation, a person faces her fears and starts driving a car, then her subconscious mind will automatically overcome those fears and she will be free from all the negative thoughts which are triggering the fear.

Take baby steps

 If your fears are old and more complicated, then directly facing them can be harmful to your mental health. So, in this case, you need to break your fears into small parts and try to overcome one fear at one time so that your body can get familiar with the adrenaline rush of your fears.

Such as, if you have fears of heights, then you don’t have to go on the top floor of the Burj Khalifa to conquer your fears. You can start overcoming your fear of heights by challenging yourself with the small heights in the beginning and then gradually you can increase your height once you are comfortable with it. Also, you need to be very careful when you are facing your fears because you never know how your brain is going to react and you can easily go to a shocking state of mind. So, be gentle when you are dealing with your fears.

Be direct with your fears 

Some people don’t address their fears directly and try to use different approaches to overpower their fears. Here, you need to keep one thing in your mind that you cannot conquer your fears indirectly, you have to face your fears directly if you want to conquer them.

Once Shakespeare said, “Take arms against a sea of troubles, and in so doing, end them.”

This means that when you directly confront your fears, then this will not only free your mind from those fears, but it will also boost your confidence and make you believe that you can do anything in your life. If you want to give that boost to your self-esteem, then you have to face your fears directly without any indirect approach.

Try & try again

If you fail to conquer your fears at once, then it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose all hope and stop trying. There are no options for quitting, you have to constantly repeat this mantra in your mind. It doesn’t matter if you fail at once, you need to discipline yourself in a better way and keep on trying to conquer your fears until they are no longer present in your life.

Imagine what-If

To fuel yourself to work on your fears, you need a constant reminder in your life that how will your life look if those fears were not present in it. Imagine the scenario where if you don’t have any fears and you are living your life fearlessly. This scenario will boost your self confidence to work harder on overpowering your fears.

Humans need to have a reward in front of us to perform better. Even donkey only works harder when he sees his reward in front of his eyes. So, make sure to remind your subconscious mind that how better your life will be if fears are not present in it.

So, you see folks, your fears are just part of your mind which has been growing on you and stopping you from reaching the success. You just need to develop the courage to overpower the fears and you will be able to make your life better and fearless journey. Just work on overpowering your fears and rest will automatically fall into the place for you.

Rob Thomasq
Rob Thomasq
Rob Is a professional writer and entrepreneur with having 7 years of experience in digital industry. Also, writes for online publication including Goodmenproject, Yourstory, Tweakyourbiz, Guidelineshealth, Thriveglobal, Redtri, Articlecube, Qualityguestpostweb, Themorninghub and many more.
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