How to create the perfect social media war room?

Social Media is all around either you talk about business, brands, connections, personal life, or professional life. Social media walks you through every phase! The concept of Social Media War Rooms is all about monitoring and managing audience interaction & engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Technology and social media channels when combined can boost performance and the ROI of the brand or business.

It’s high time to learn and revise the actual concept of social media war room. It is one of the most advanced marketing strategies which brands and businesses are using these days to keep an eye on their reputation, audience engagement, and the trends of the market. Social Media Command Center is another name for Social Media War Rooms.

Concept of social media war room? 

You must be considering it as a room that is designed for some kind of battle. However, this is not the case! Social Media War Room is a well-designed zone which is utilized as the mirror of the mind to assimilate, audit, control, and manage the prominence of your brand, extent of user engagement, and the accurate and deep understanding of the actual business position.

Social Media War Room is used for business analysis which encapsulates a team of 5 people and 3-4 huge screens in the room, essentially. Composing a well-organized social media room is not a hard nut to crack, it is just a well-planned and well-structured framework with a qualitative analysis team at work.

The line-up for your advertising social media war room

Social Media War Room is devised to run a successful event or the marketing campaign of your brand. Not only this but for many more things which your brand or business needs on the regular basis to enhance the growth and awareness of your brand. To turn your event or campaign into a success, you would need a few screens, tools, and a team of innovative, creative, analytical, and real-time decision maker minds from your organization.

Your Social Media War Room is basically used to run a digital operation and for this, you would need a team which will include:

Project head: Project Head is the leading person in the Social Media War Room. Planning a meeting, circumscribing the target of the campaign or an event, describing client expectations & requirements, and keeping an eye on each piece of the show are the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by the project head.

The project head of the event needs to be highly efficient and should be equipped with multitasking & leadership qualities to run the success of the show by maintaining harmony in the Social Media War Room.

Community manager: Once you have the project head for the event, the other important person which you need for your successful campaign is the Community Manager. As the name withholds the responsibilities of this role, the community manager is responsible for handling & managing the social media community of the brand and conveys the message of the event or brand throughout the event.

A Community Manager is a person which is responsible for managing the maximum engagement of your audience. He mostly teams up with the Content Designer and Listener present in the room to drive the outstanding results.

An active listener: Throughout the event or the campaign, an active listener will help you in acquiring bountiful healthy interactive opportunities. An active listener is responsible for monitoring all the social interactions which are taking place during the event to identify & grab the most important and healthy conversation shots of the event. An active listener or filterer, refine all the social media conversations for the team so that the interaction can be made on a real-time basis and higher user engagement can be achieved for the event.

Content designer: The main function of the content designer or content developer is to keep the audience engaged. The content designer works closely with the filterer and community manager. The creative & innovative mind of the content developer can help you in creating the responses of the audience, new tagline, jingles, memes, and much more on the stop.
The main objective of the content developer is to make the conversation more interesting by expressing the clear message of the brand or event.

Data analytics professional: The most important part of the Social Media War Room team is Data Analytic Professional. The most crucial part of the event is analysis, and the data analytic professional helps in social media expedition throughout the event. The person or persons are responsible for monitoring the conversations, getting & studying real-time data, and to keep an eye throughout the event. The role of a Data Analytics professional is important, as the stats will confirm the success of the event and should be sent to the client on a real-time basis.

Once you have your squad ready for the digital operation of the event, you would also need 3 big screens in your room. The screens would include:

  • Statistical data screen: Based on all social media accounts, the statistics of the ongoing event are displayed on this screen, to determine what works and what does not.
  • Market trend screen: This screen will display all the marketing trends which you can use as the factor to make any on-spot decision for your event to turn it into a success.
  • Performance indicator screen: This screen will work as a dashboard for the event. This will show the effect of the decisions or the practices followed. This screen will reflect the result of your actions on the event.

Social media war room – why brands should use it? 

The importance of the Social Media War Room is wide, depending upon the allocated industry, type of event you are hosting, and the size of the event. However, the Social Media War Room can be great for:

  1. Representing your brand’s digital presence.
  2. Monitor brand reputation.
  3. Improvises the message delivery notion.
  4. Magnifies the event experience.
  5. Real-time crisis management.
  6. Bountiful opportunities for customer interaction and engagement.
  7. Better business understanding for planning the business marketing strategy.

Want to give it a spin?

Doesn’t have a Social Media War Room for your brand or business yet? This article is a complete guide to set-up your social media war room, give it a spin today, and implement it with your next brand event. To get the best results and drive the best out of your campaigns or events.

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