How to become an ethical hacker with CEH certification

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (ECCouncil) is a leading organization that provides certifications for a thousands of specialists whose main domain is cyber security. This term relates to such spheres as software security, disaster recovery, digital forensics, etc. EC-Council has already accredited more than 220,000 professionals, among which are the members of such companies and organizations as the United Nations, the FBI, Microsoft, IBM.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification is designed to confirm that an individual has the skill and knowledge required for hacking into the target system. Unlike the regular hacking, which is against the law, CEH certified hackers understand the loopholes in the target system. Individuals can hack the system with proper means and reasons without violating any cyber laws. Any individual who has cleared the exam ‘Ec-Council CEH Certified Ethical Hacker‘  proves his/her ability to understand the weak points in a target system. These specialists are aware of how to take control of such situations and ensure the system is safe at the same time. This test could be really beneficial for the individuals who are interested in network and security.

Why is CEH certification so popular?

Certified Ethical Hacker certification is highly popular for the following reasons:

  • The network security field wants to reinforce hacking as an established profession. Hacking is usually seen as an illegal activity, but the ethical hacking is a great solution to identify all the weak points of the particular system.
  • Information security as a profession has been in the picture for quite a few years now. However, it is important for professionals of the mentioned field to know the hacking methods in order to avoid adverse consequences. Therefore, Certified Ethical Hacker certification serves as a requirement for the candidates wishing to pursue information security.
  • The certification is also a way of informing the larger public about the in-depth details of hacking. Individuals involved in ethical hacking activities have the required skills and have met at least the minimum standard of ethical hacking.

CEH exam pattern

The test consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. The candidate has a total of 4 hours to answer the questions. The passing score varies every time, depending on the changing quantity of the questions. The cost of taking up the test is around $500.

Tips for passing Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam

Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam tests the candidates’ knowledge in the areas like malware threats. It also tests the skills of the candidate to find the vulnerabilities and loopholes in the targeted system. Like mentioned before, the test can be extremely challenging for a lot of candidates. Though the passing score is between 60% and 78%, sometimes is also a tedious task to achieve it. Therefore, we have put together a set of tips that will help the candidates to score the best results in CEH exams:

  • Conduct a research. A key to achieve Certified Ethical Hacker certification is to search for proper and authentic study materials. Getting a clear picture of the components of the test, test format, topics covered, and other such information will ensure that the candidate is well informed about what he or she is getting into.
  • Use a study guide. Using a study guide to prepare for the exam is essential. It is one way to ensure that all the topics are covered in detail. Study guides of CEH certification can be easily found online. The modules to be covered in-depth are the attack phases, Linux, Macintosh, and mobile systems, secure network infrastructures, threats and defensive mechanisms, web applications, and data servers.
  • Take mock tests. Taking mock exams will test your knowledge and skills after you have studied the material. It also helps with identifying the topics or types of questions that the candidate is struggling with. Taking mock tests boosts the confidence of the candidates. With more mock tests, the candidate not only becomes self-assured but also gets a clearer picture of his/her current preparation level.
  • Get involved in a forum. Actively participate in forums dedicated to Certified Ethical Hacking certification. This helps to connect with the other individuals who are preparing for similar exams. Interacting with the other like-minded individuals helps to get a different perspective on the topics been covered. It is a great platform to learn, ask questions, and answer the questions of the others.
  • Remember that time management is every Allocate a proper time for the preparation as well as practice tests related to the exam. This will improve your ability to keep track of your progress. At the same time, this will help you to remain calm and reduce stress.

Top web resources for Certified Ethical Hacker exam preparation

There are various modules that are covered in the test. It is important that the applicant picks out a study source that is covering all the exam topics. Here are a few resources that will help the individual to get a better hold of the 20 modules that are in the course. These will ensure a proper understanding of the course as well as staying up to date with the latest questions.

Like mentioned before, conducting a proper research before starting off on your CEH journey is essential. A good, conducive place to start is on EC-Council official website. To get involved in a forum, access one of the platforms where the candidates preparing for CEH exam can post their questions, answer the questions of others, and have a discussion on different views on opinions.

Salary of an Ethical Hacker

The average salary of an individual who has CEH certification is around $89,000. However, the knowledge gained while preparing for the test can lead to the better and wider career opportunities.

Taking CEH certification exam is highly recommended for those looking for career opportunities in the field of network and security. The test will help to make the candidates eligible for professional information security roles. Become qualified as a certified hacker and explore the new advancements in the cyber world!

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