How personalised balloons can compliment your business event

Personalised balloons offer local businesses a chance to leverage a product that ticks multiple boxes.

These items operate as a blank canvas where the messaging and brand integration can be inserted with minimal effort and turnaround production time.

Outlets across the city and beyond to suburban and regional areas of the country have many of the same commercial factors at play.

Customers need to be engaged, demographics need to be catered to and there has to be added value to every proposition that is proposed before the public.

Standing as a fun, light and colourful design that floats to the skies, these packages are ideal as a complimentary element to a business event.

Here we will look at how a personalised and branded design can assist.

Customer giveaways and prizes

When we speak about adding value for a promotional event, then personalised balloons can help with giveaways and prizes. Any business that wants to gain traction in these environments needs tools that entice the eye and build a degree of authentic energy and excitement. Much like the circus that comes to visit town every year, they will have pieces of memorabilia that are fantastic outlets for young families, the elderly, children and adolescents alike. Due to the fact that these items don’t discriminate and are enjoyed across the consumer demographic spectrum, they add value irrespective of the environment.

Customised shapes

One of the great assets of using personalised balloons is that they can be shaped to spell out names, numbers or logo designs that fit into a business image. Like they are with 18th and 21st birthday parties to engagements and weddings or to celebrate a newborn baby, the creative designers can craft a unique shape and style that suits the occasion. It can be used for a grand entrance, to mark a company milestone, for a special product or giveaway, or simply to make the organisation visible in a crowded marketplace.

Lightening the décor

A local business might try their best to offer a warm and welcoming space for clients and customers, but due to budgetary constrictions or real estate issues, their operating location is cold and stale. This is where personalised balloons that are coloured in bright whites, yellows, oranges and reds can liven and illuminate that same space. Spending thousands of dollars on painting the walls or installing a major billboard is costly and time consuming, but sprinkling balloons around the premises can help to lighten the surrounding décor.

Surprise announcements

Who doesn’t love a surprise announcement? For those businesses who want to amplify good news and spring a surprise on the local economy, the inclusion of personalised balloons can be utilised to spring that news at a scheduled time when the crowds are gathered. By opening up a box complete with branded balloons, there is a picture perfect moment captured as a new product or service is rolled out to the public.

For indoor and outdoor branding synchronicity

When a business needs to create an event that communicates one type of promotion or cause, they will need to synchronise both indoor and outdoor spaces. Personalised balloons can be designed from hydrogen, helium or gas as well as metallic and natural materials that gives the customer flexibility with their package. This will help in the event there is windy conditions and they need to be tied down to a single location.


Personalised balloons are fantastic branding exercises that require minimal investment on behalf of the business and maximum upside. Rather than being the signature marquee attraction, they allow marketers, owners and managers a chance to elevate other promotional efforts without incurring a significant risk for the commercial budget. Stop and consider these advantages before finalising your next event for a local enterprise because the sky is the limit (literally)!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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