How Food Delivery Service Saltalk Is Adding Spice To Your Life (And Your Kitchen)

Culture is at the heart of everything, bringing together family and community, allowing everyone to feel like they belong. Food is a staple ingredient of this union, bring a piece of home to you. Saltalk is aiming to just that to make sure that that piece of home is not only close to home but delivers straight to your door.

Starting off in 2013, married couple Mr. and Mrs. Ming had made the decision to move to Silicon Valley to live in for a year. All was good but there was one pickle, one problem they had – there was no comfort food that reminded them of home. On one shiny day, they were sitting with their friends eating the local Chinese cuisine and Mrs. Ming found herself in tears. It was the stir-fried pork dish that brought back memories of home.

This popped an idea into Mr. Ming’s head and thus, Saltalk was born. He wanted to make sure his wife was never without comfort food again so he instigated a food service that worked to make sure anyone who has ever felt homesick can have access to eat authentic dishes from their homeland. Bringing together the best of the best chefs and cooking experts, they made sure their home never left the plate.

That night he began working on the idea and that led to a full flown food delivery and cooking service that makes sure culture never leaves your front door but invites itself into your home. Salt gives us a spice of life that makes our day-to-day a little bit more tastier. Bridging gaps between two worlds, Saltalk aims to continue cultural food traditions so that they’ll live on for the future. Enjoy a meal with your family, friends, and loved ones one bite at a time.

Saltalk just goes to show you can never erase the fond memories of a good homecooked meal. If you can’t bring the culture home, Saltalk will bring it to you. Have a dish that tastes like home.



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