How does artificial intelligence help to improve e-commerce applications?

Gartner has predicted that artificial intelligence is going to drive more than 85% of customer interaction and online sales by the very next year that is 2020. According to Boston Consulting Group, all the eCommerce retailers who have implemented AI-based personalization strategies are experiencing many fold rises in sales rate. Many claims that the reason behind the success of the largest e-commerce retailer Amazon is its innovative use of AI for competence in customer service and experience. It has been observed that the large e-commerce players such as Amazon, WALMART and ALIBABA are investing heavily upon artificial intelligence by filling numerous patents.

The talk of the town is the exploitation of the power of data and AI by all giant players to gain competitive advantage and create a personalized online experience for the customers. Thus if you have your own e-commerce company or planning to start one make plans to integrate AI in your application and harness the power of all quality data available. The use of AI in e-commerce applications have resulted in better customer service, a better understanding of the demands and better offering of products. You must hurry up as the benefits of AI are better awarded to first divers rather than wait and watch companies.

It should also be kept in mind that many e-commerce companies that have failed to adopt technologies such as AI are forced to shut down. Hence the first thing you must do is to identify the deployable use cases, formulate a solid strategy and launch pilot projects for incremental return on investment. The following article discusses how AI is bringing unbelievable changes in the e-commerce industries through applications.

What are the best use cases for the profitable implementation of artificial intelligence?

In today’s world AI is empowering e-commerce companies to perform important functions such as predict, sense and automate. Most of the companies are using AI in their applications to improve their overall e-commerce platform and drive better sales through marketing. Some of the best profitable implementation of AI in e-commerce applications is provided below.

Recommendations of products based on AI

Generally, AI is used to analyze large consumer data and offer through applications the best of the product recommendations. The applications use gathered data in the form of voice, reviews, purchase history, social media, and web-based analytics to make hyper-personalized selections. You can easily add AI to your e-commerce application and automate the process to recommend the best products through tracking of buying behavior. Applications of all the popular e-commerce retailers use machine learning and analytics to recommend the product based on the taste of the customers.

AI-based personalization

All the successful e-commerce companies are using available data and personalization techniques to provide customized content through their applications. The best thing about AI-based personalization is that it allows one to one customer engagement. The majority of e-commerce has reported that personalizing through mobile applications has resulted in increased conversions and decrease time to the transaction. The best example is to send discount notifications on mobile phones whenever the customer is searching for any particular product. You can utilize various AI-based personalization tools available such as or Choice AI to personalize your e-commerce application. Providing personalized attention and seamless involvement are the two most popular traits of any successful e-commerce application.

Dynamic pricing mechanism based on AI

The fluctuations in the global market are studied by AI to provide the best pricing for the customers. The study of various kinds of data such as competitive pricing data, customer data, and sales transaction data to predict the discount on each transaction is a big hit. A lot of research is going around in the field of use of AI in dynamic pricing and has all the potential to provide competitive advantages to e-commerce. You can take the help of AI experts to study the data and provide dynamic pricing to the customers through digital platforms such as applications.

AI-powered agents and chatbot

Providing personal AI-powered chatbot to all the visitors and customers is one of the best implementation of AI in the application of e-commerce firms. AI-powered Chatbot or agents are programs that are trained to simulate meaningful assistance to all the customers. The majority of e-commerce applications such as eBay and Amazon are using their shop bots to perform important functions such as service inquiries and facilitate sales. The ai-powered chatbot is being highly researched to achieve the maximum amount of self-reliance. You are advised to invest in existing technologies or develop your own AI agent that can perform basic tasks such as answering queries and facilitate shopping. Thus AI-powered chatbot helps customers save a lot of time and eliminate the frustration observed while shopping through applications and websites.

Behavior modeling through predictive analytics

Studying customer behavior such as its likes and dislikes is one of the most influential uses of AI in the whole of the e-commerce and retail industry. The rise of social media has created a new possibility to study consumer and market behavior in a more structured and detailed manner. Giant e-commerce is making psychographic profiles to profitably study customer demographics. Thus AI-powered predictive analytics helps e-commerce formulate their pitching and marketing strategies. You can avail of the benefits of many existing tools and technologies such as Metisa and to make your e-commerce application interface more lively and responsive. The best examples are the quick replacement of disliked items with more liked items in their applications by giants such as Amazon and WALMART.

How does artificial intelligence help to improve e-commerce applications
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How can I improve my e-commerce application using AI?

All the public and private organizations whether it is Google or the Government of Saudi Arabia are highly investing and trusting upon AI. The AI-powered virtual assistants such as Siri of Apple and Alexa of Amazon are being loved and accepted by customers all over the world. Now it is time for you to add some AI-powered tools into your e-commerce platforms such as mobile applications.

AI-powered user experience

You can use a powerful hybrid application framework such as Flutter and React Native to build your e-commerce applications. Now add AI and analytics-based plugins and widgets to create an incredible customer experience. Hence personalizing your user interface with tools such as Choice.AI especially the landing pages will maximize your return on investment.

Personalization of homepage

Amazon started using an AI-powered personalization algorithm to provide the filtered and tailored content directly to the home page as soon as the user arrives. Surprisingly with such AI-powered moves, its sales went up by almost 30 %. You can invest upon trusted algorithms to place recommended products on the frontline of your application interface resulting in a boost of sales.

AI-powered image search

The AI-powered image recognition technology has been used by the majority of e-commerce to upgrade its mobile application platform. You can install AI that can search for similar products in your e-commerce store through the identification of similar designs and patterns. Pinterest allows chrome and YouTube users to crop any image and the search for a similar product using their AI-powered image recognition.

Whether in B2C to B2B market image recognition is playing a greater role in making your e-commerce application more alive and accessible.

AI-powered voice commands

Online search and shopping through voice commands have become more popular than ever with coming up with devices such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Many online retailers and e-commerce are using IBM Watson to help customers shop with agility and precision. You can invest in voice command software into your e-commerce application to help your customer shop without wasting any time and effort. An AI chat interface is the best way to engage customers and is nowadays used to order all kinds of food and Starbucks coffee.

AI-backed cybersecurity and anti-counterfeits

Many companies are dedicated to building AI-powered cybersecurity products for the elimination of all types of counterfeiting. You must take the help of such companies or develop your robust cover that can provide cybersecurity to all your e-commerce operations. Large online retailers such as Flip Kart and WALMART invest heavily upon such algorithms which can detect minute of error. Cybersecurity in mobile applications must be prioritized to safeguard valuable data and daily financial transactions.

Creation of product description

The next generations AI is capable of the creation of optimized product descriptions and writes them on their own. Writing an accurate SEO description is very important for your e-commerce application and requires a lot of manual input. Invest upon such a higher algorithm to get a competitive edge for your AI application over others.

Management of your online campaign

Many complete AI-powered campaign management tools have already been developed and deployed such as Albert, Cortex, and Rocco. You can invest upon such ahead of age AI to take over your digital marketing tasks such as intelligent scheduling and social media engagement.

AI-powered Web Analytics

Nowadays AI based on voice commands is powering online shopping. Invest in powerful AI analytics tools provided by Google and Microsoft to create an extraordinary user experience for your e-commerce application.


Now allow your customers to search for products by taking photographs on their mobile phones through AI-powered tools such as ViSense and Cortexica. It is time for you to upgrade your e-commerce application by investing upon ahead of age AI solutions. The majority of e-commerce has already implemented chatbot into their digital infrastructure and is witnessing unparalleled growth. AI has widely impacted the two most significant fields of e-commerce that is inventory management and profitable management of customer relationships. Upgrade your e-commerce application with some of the best AI-powered services or hire your team of experienced developers. The time is not far away when the majority of the important functions of e-commerce such as customer handling until the supply chain operations will be solely powered by AI.

Priyank Soni
Priyank Soni
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