How can a pallet racking system help your warehouse?

For businesses who have and rely on warehouse spaces for their goods and products, there is a whole lot that goes into setting up a productive and efficient space. As a company grows, evolves, and even changes what it stocks, the warehouse needs and set-up should also change. This is why it’s a good idea for warehouse operators to constantly be looking at ways that they can improve how they use the space.

One system that may be worth investing in, or at least learning more about is the pallet racking system. Here in Australia many warehouses use this kind of system for a variety of reasons, many of which could benefit your company. Let’s take a closer look at what a pallet racking system is, how it can help, and how you could go about implementing the system.

What is a pallet racking system?

Perhaps the whole notion or terminology of a pallet racking system is new to you. All it refers to is the organization and packing system you use to store pallets, whether they are empty or contain products. Typically, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into the system so that it works efficiently for the warehouse’s needs, the space available, and the ease of use.

Keeping the warehouse safe

One of the biggest advantages in using a pallet racking system isn’t necessarily about efficiency, instead it’s about safety. Workers need to know they are safe walking through the warehouse and aren’t in danger of having products and materials fall on them. A pallet racking system that is used properly will help ensure safety in the warehouse, as the pallets will be securely stowed at all times.

Of course, with that said, employees still need to be trained on warehouse and pallet safety. As an added measure, you can always request to have the racking system secured to the floor. This adds to the stability of the pallets.

Allow the warehouse to reach its full productivity level

When products aren’t stored in a way that makes sense and is easy to access and to move around, the efficiency of the warehouse takes a hit. In order for the warehouse to operate smoothly and in a timely manner, it makes sense to use an organizational system that is easy to use and access. This is what a pallet racking system can offer.

Maximise your use of space

For many warehouses, space is at a premium which means you need to find ways to make the best use out of the space you’ve got. Because a pallet racking system involves stacking pallets in a vertical manner, you’ll be able to really maximize your use of space. Depending on the racking system you use, you will be able to store them several racks high, thereby saving on floor space.

A reliable system when it comes to handling the load

As long as you follow the safety guidelines and procedures, these systems are also very reliable and sturdy. This means they will be able to handle your load needs and you don’t have to worry about the system crumbling and falling down. Of course, you need to be sure you aren’t overloading the racking system, which goes back to following the guidelines.

The system is easy to install

If you’re looking for a storage system that is quick and easy to install so you won’t have much downtime to worry about, again a pallet system can fit your needs. They require very little tools or experience, allowing you to get your warehouse up and running smoothly in no time.

A variety of pallet racking systems and accessories are available

What can make the pallet racking system even more effective is the fact there are so many different types of systems to fit the needs of various businesses. Basically, pallet racking is like lego, where you can add unlimited layers (think 3 dimensional – height, width, length). This allows for rapid expansion of any warehouse both horizontally and vertically without the need to do any structural alterations to the warehouse.

Some of the systems they offer include drive-in racking, selective pallet racking, medium duty cantilever racking, light-duty cantilever racking, second-hand pallet racking, and more. They also supply accessories such as end row wrap barriers, mesh deck for pallet racking, wire cage for pallets, and so much more. What this means is that warehouses can be quite specific about their needs and find a solution that fits.

The answer to your warehouse’s storage problems

When it comes to storage issues in your Australian-based warehouse there can be a number of issues that are contributing to the problem. A big part of the problem can be your existing storage system. A pallet racking system is one that is sturdy, reliable, can be customized to your needs, and is safe and easy to use.

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