Holidaying tip: take home travel memories not mosquito bites

Excited about the next destination lined up in your travel plans? Wherever you are off to you’re going to look forward to bringing home holiday souvenirs like edibles, decor items, clothes, etc. But you most certainly won’t want to take back mosquito bites or some deadly virus like dengue or malaria caused by these pests.

Mosquito bites are not only painful but also unpleasant to go through, not to mention that they disrupt your enjoyment in the very least. Now, there might be certain locations where they are a given on account of the greenery, humidity or proximity to a water body, however, you can reduce the chances of getting bitten.

Stay clear of the mosquito zones

Now if you research well, you’ll be able to find out which locations have certain pests to watch out for, mosquitoes included. Although if you are travelling to a tropical area or someplace close to a water body, you might naturally have to consider protection against mosquito bites.

Avoid wearing dark colours

These pests prefer the darker colours as it is easier for them to camouflage themselves, which is why you’ll find that when you’re wearing black you probably have more mosquito bites than usual. Wear light colours as not only are they bright but are also going to help protect you.

Protect yourself with insect repellent

There are quite a few options available at your local drugstore to combat mosquitoes. They come in the form of sprays, creams, lotions, etc. Some can be applied on your body while some can be sprayed into the air for maximum effect.

Do not venture out during dusk and dawn

It is a commonly known fact that mosquitoes are more active at dusk and dawn and when it is dark since it is a lot more easy to camouflage themselves when feeding on their prey. Even when out exploring until late night on a holiday, it would be best to avoid the hours when they are most active. However, if you absolutely must you can make use of repellents.

Choose clothing that keeps you covered and protected

These pests can only harm you if your skin is exposed. Hence, try to stay covered as much as you can. Full sleeves and long pants can definitely help you. If you happen to be in a warm area and need more comfortable clothing options, try wearing breathable fabrics that will help you stay cool but will keep you covered and protected against bites.

Do not leave water collected and stagnating

Mosquitoes breed in water. So where there is a good amount of undisturbed murky water, they’re bound to be found laying their eggs and breeding into more aggressive numbers. If you didn’t know this earlier, you do now. So the only way around this is to ensure that you clear out any stagnating or collected water to avoid it becoming a breeding grounds for these pests.

Install a mosquito net

Here is another very helpful tip to stay protected. Nets or protective screens can help keep the property you are holidaying in safe and mosquito-free. You can either choose to have a mosquito net around the bed so that you can sleep in peace or you could choose to have protective screens installed at windows and doors, to block out all entryways for the mosquitoes to enter through.

Ensure there is good air circulation

Mosquitoes can fly alright. But, they aren’t the greatest at it and can’t fly in strong wind. This is also why you’ll find them active at dusk, dawn and certain parts of the day or night when it isn’t too windy. So the best way to ward them off is by maintaining good air circulation, which means having the fan or cooler on to create a windy atmosphere that prevents them from being able to be around you.

Finally, if your travel experience is being ruined by mosquitoes in the hotel room you are staying at you can speak to the manager to carry out a mosquito control treatment that will curb their breeding and also ensure a more comfortable experience for you thereon.

Muzi Tsolakis
Muzi Tsolakis
Muzi Tsolakis heads Protech Pest Control, a professional pest control service reputed for eco-friendly and guarantee-backed pest removal and building pest inspection in Melbourne.
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