Hillary Clinton weighs in on women directors in film

Hillary Clinton is the subject of a Hulu original docu-series that premiered at the annual Sundance Film Festival. “Hillary” is a four-hour unscripted limited series about the politician seen from a more personal perspective. It looks at her milestones as a former first lady, Secretary of State and the first female presidential nominee.

35 hours worth of interviews with Nanette Burstein will let audiences peer behind the curtain of the political figure’s life.

At the Sundance Film Festival, Clinton sat down and spoke to Variety about the importance of feminism, female directors and her thoughts on Greta Gerwig’s Best Director Oscar snub.

Clinton shared the rationale behind choosing a woman director behind the docuseries based on her life. “ I thought, No. 1, we need more women directors,” she told the entertainment outlet adding, “And No. 2, a woman director would have an understanding of some of the issues in a very real way that would translate to the screen.”

Later on in the interview, Clinton revealed that her favorite film from last year was Greta Gerwig’s silver screen adaptation of “Little Women.” She believed that Gerwig should have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director saying, “I really thought she deserved it because I thought it was beautifully done. And the way that it was constructed, made the best use of the book.”

The former first lady also looked back on how she became a second wave feminist saying that it was “expected.” Clinton said that she couldn’t wrap her head around why feminism is surrounded by controversy.

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