HBO filming caused water contamination in Hudson Valley, New York

HBO is being blamed for contaminating drinking water with rust while shooting The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman.

The Kingston Water Department issued a warning last Wednesday that rusty water is running in the area of Wurts and Pierpont. Authorities blame the production crew of HBO’s The Undoing. The rusty water has entered homes in the Hudson Valley local radio site 101.5 WPDH reports.

Filming for the series will reportedly continue in the area through July 2. The limited television series stars also Christopher Sutherland and Hugh Grant

Streets have been closed down as a result of filming. But the inconvenience of road closures isn’t the only thing that locals need to worry about.

According to the Kingston Water Department, the HBO crew opened two hydrants without prior permission. The strong water pressure kicked up rust in the pipes resulting in the contamination of water supply in homes. Permits an authorization is required in these situations so members of the department can install backflow devices. Without this, water won’t be properly controlled and contamination or discoloration occurs. HBO failure to secure a permit has resulted in such.

The local water department has reported that the water system has been flushed. Residents are instructed to flush the cold water to clear up murky water in their home pipes. Residents are also encouraged to report other problems regarding the issue to the water department.

Mishaps aren’t new to HBO productions. Last month, a car dealership used for filming was set in flames. This was during filming for a miniseries with Mark Ruffalo as the lead.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
Ben is is a senior journalist and sport columnist for Best in Australia. He previously worked for the BC and other radio stations.
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