Haim Shemesh explains the challenges of rug cleaning in Brooklyn

Haim Shemesh runs Sun Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration Brooklyn, a company that cleans rugs in Brooklyn, New York. His company can clean any type of rug, which extends their life and helps homes to look better.

Haim, how did you get into the rug cleaning business?

My grandfather who came from Iran used to trade oriental rugs. As a kid I was fascinated with the colours and patterns of them and when I actually saw how an oriental rug was made, the complex weaving process for me as a child it was breath taking. When I moved to New York I started my own small business of cleaning rugs and carpets. As time went by I went into the oriental rugs world and learned from Armenian artisans the craft of properly cleaning and restoring these unique pieces of art.

Is there a difference in how you clean different types of rugs?

Yes. in general, there are two types of rugs. Machine made and handmade like Persian or Turkish rugs. Machine made rugs can be cleaned with industrial machines when you insert the rug from one side and you get it cleaned from the other side. the all process is done without touching it . you can do the same with a shampoo buffer. As for handmade rugs we have to wash it by hand literally inch by inch. It’s a very delicate process since you don’t want the fibers damaged in the process.

What are the benefits of regular rug cleaning?

There are many advantaged to regular cleaning your rugs:

  1. Healthier environment for your kids and pets
  2. Dust free zone – this is specially recommended for people suffering from dust allergies
  3. Keeps the rug’s fibers strong and smooth as with time the dust sets in and weakens them.

How often should people be getting their rugs cleaned?

If you are regularly vacuuming your carpets, it is usually recommended to take it professional cleaning facility once a year. If you are not – twice a year is a minimum. As a local carpet cleaning service, we offer a free pickup & delivery, so you don’t need to bother yourself with it.

We also offer onsite cleaning for machine made rugs.

If you get it cleaned regularly how long should a rug last for before it needs replacing?

Well, that depends of the amount of traffic going daily on the rug and on the type of rugs itself. Machine made rugs tend to last longer opposed to handmade which are much more delicate so its always recommended to put a machine-made rug where kids and pets are playing. also, wool or propylene-based rugs are more durable then silk made rugs, obviously.

Do you clean carpets as well as rugs?

Yes. As a company we clean all types of rugs and carpets. From delicate silk rugs to wall to wall carpets – residential and commercial. We give every cleaning the same attention regardless of the value of the item. The most important aspect for us as a business is our reputation and our goal  to keep each client satisfied and make him a return client.

Thank you Haim for sharing your thoughts!
You can follow up with Haim Shemesh at https://sunlightfinerugcarebrooklyn.com

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