Hailey Baldwin’s dad shares details of her wedding to Justin Bieber

Stephen Baldwin reveals why his daughter Hailey and son-in-law Justin Bieber wants their wedding to be a religious affair.

The 53-year-old actor offered some exciting details on Hailey and Justin’s upcoming second wedding which he says will possibly be held in South Carolina. Speaking to TMZ last Saturday, the father of two shared that he is absolutely ready to walk his “princess down the aisle.”

“Weddings and marriage are supposed to be a holy commitment, one onto another,” Baldwin tells the celebrity news outlet in an interview.


The actor cites Justin and Hailey’s faith as a compelling reason behind wanting to have a second wedding.

“I just think that as Christians, and as believers, they understand that if you don’t have God’s spirit working in your marriage it just makes it more and more difficult to make it work and have peace and find happiness.”
The already married couple got hitched in a New York courtroom last year.

Baldwin shares that the family is looking forward to having a “very fun wedding.” As for the guestlist, he shares that many of the attendees will be pastors and their “Christian friends.” But does the actor have any role in the wedding preparations? “For now, my only job is just walking my princess down the aisle,” he says.

According to Baldwin, Hailey and Justin are currently out and about looking for possible venues around South Carolina.

But was does he think about his son-in-law? Baldwin says Justin is actually “quite a family man” and despite his busy schedule always takes more time to prioritize himself and his wife.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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