Great incentives to signup for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Soaking in one of the Seven Wonders of the World should be reward in and of itself, yet a specialised Grand Canyon helicopter tour is simply the perfect way to complete a journey across the USA.

Venturing 446km in length and stretching as wide as 29km, this iconic landmark has been the backdrop to many films and television shows as it stands as one of the great tourist hotspots for American visitors.

Yet this adventure can be easily be overlooked in favour of other activities across Arizona, Colorado or Nevada as adventure seekers attempt to pack in as much into the itinerary as humanly possible.

Here we will argue why you and your fellow companions should not avoid this trip of a lifetime.

The helicopter experience

One of the key benefits of taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is the enjoyment of the chopper ride itself. Feeling like an elevator ride from thousands of feet in the air, this is an intimate flying experience that cannot be compared to commercial air flights. Every passenger is able to get a complete view of the landscape and with the pilot narrating the tour to offer information, history and answer questions from travellers, these features only work to compliment a stunning sight.

Picture perfect canyon tour

There is no better experience to take those picture perfect moments than when taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from thousands of feet in the air. The Arizona Desert skies happens to be the ideal location to take those great snaps as customers have been able to take home a series of images that form a catalogue. Most popular on social media sites Instagram and Facebook, a number of travellers decide they want to have their photography brandished on picture frames to add an aesthetic quality to the home. Of the few items that are allowed to be taken onboard (no luggage possible) the smartphone or digital camera is highly recommended.

Intimate groups and private flights

The Grand Canyon helicopter tour can arrive in a number of different formats. Depending on what your budget is as a group or personally, you can arrange to have intimate group settings to have a completely private experience. Others will take the economic choice and will be happy to share the moment with others from overseas or domestically in the USA. Regular trips will see a maximum of 7 for the journey, so if there are groups of 7 then that will guarantee no outside booking interference on the flight.

Flexible pickup and drop off points

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour might see the tourists head across the Arizona Desert towards their ultimate destination, but that does not mean travellers have to depart from within a short distance of this journey. Some who are stopping by in Colorado will be able to source a provider, as will those who are living it up in Las Vegas Nevada. Many groups decide that they can kill two birds with one stone and maximise their time on the strip before completing the adventure with a stunning natural escape, a nice compliment from all of the manmade innovations and luxuries in the City of Sin.


The key to securing your very own Grand Canyon helicopter tour is to be ahead of the cue and be prepared to have the booking ready months in advance. Popular timeslots are often seen during the summer months and the fall when those Halloween and Thanksgiving commemorations take place. Even if that is the only time available on the calendar, be proactive with the planning and seek out a provider who can book a couple of seats for you.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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