Few tips to get perfect good night’s sleep

The modern lifestyle is full of materialistic luxuries and yet sometimes we feel that we are not well-rested even with good mattresses and a bedroom and 8 hours of sleep. It might be because of multiple reasons such as late food/drink consumption, bad mattress, stress and an uncomfortable bedroom environment. Here you can refer to a few tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and be truly rested for your new day every day.

Few tips to get perfect good night’s sleep


Besides the mattress cleaning service, there are few other steps you can take to get good enough sleep to feel well-rested every morning. Life is often very stressful and we have tons of worries on our minds all day long. When we go to bed, we might not be able to shut down the worrying department which will lead to sleep with bad dreams or sleep breaks or not good enough sleep. To try and leave the worrying for the next day and be rid of stress for the night, you can indulge in meditation. It doesn’t take much time, you can simply meditate for 1- to 15 minutes before going to sleep and all your stress and worries will calm down and then you will get good sleep.


Try to minimize and reduce the electronics and lights presence in your bedroom. Keep your laptop and mobile phone etc away from your bed to avoid being exposed to the radiations and heat energies being emitted from the gadgets. Turn off all the lights. If you keep a night light on, make sure it is as dim as possible and also the color of the light is not too stressful for your eyes.

Coffee tea food stimulantsPerfect sleep woman stretching

Drinking tea or coffee or any such drink can keep you up. Even eating food or light snacks can be a hindrance. When the body is processing food and drink, we ‘can’ sleep at the same time but because of the process going on within the body, the sleep will not be fully restful. Try to minimize all other processes from thoughts in the brain to your digestive system and you will be able to get good healthy sleep.

Temperature and surroundings

Make sure the temperature in your bedroom is according to your comfort, not too cold or hot. And your surroundings should be comfortable as well. Use only as many pillows as comfortable and a blanket that is not too heavy for you.

Sleep schedule

Your body’s biological cycles have their own clocks. If your sleep schedule is very random it can affect your sleep. You might end up waking up in the middle of your sleep or be unable to go to sleep on time. Fix a routine schedule for your healthy sleep, wake up at a fixed time and go to sleep at a fixed time. This will help your biological cycle of sleep develop its own clock and that would ensure your good night’s sleep without any difficulties.

Exercise in daytime

The modern lifestyle is so full of luxuries the body barely gets the necessary movements and becomes used to a rested state of body but that causes the lack of enough calorie burning. To put it metaphorically, when you don’t ride the bicycle for long the bicycle starts getting rusted, but if you ride it regularly all the parts work properly. When you exercise and the body becomes needful of rest, the rest comes easier and better. So try to get maximum necessary exercise during the daytime and that way you’ll have great sleep at night.

Minimize noisesGood nights sleep tips for dog and human in bed.

When you go to sleep, turn off any music or noises that might disturb you and take away peaceful sleep from you. Sometimes the fan and air conditioners are loud, if there’s some malfunction, get it fixed immediately. In air conditioners, you might find the option of ‘quiet’, use that feature to minimize the noise at the time of your sleep. You may be able to fall asleep with the noise but that sleep will not be peaceful. 

Control your light exposure

Your eyes are more sensitive than you might think. You can control the exposure of light to your eyes and get better sleep. Condition your eyes slowly during the day. Bright light exposure is okay till around afternoon. Getting closer towards the evening, the exposure of your eyes to light should only consist of dim lights and at night dimmest. 

Mattress Cleaning

The first and foremost consideration must be of your mattress-bedding. Is it clean and hygienic or not? Even if you regularly dust and clean your bedding there are chances that some dirt and dust mites and other pollutants may be in your mattress beneath the surface. It is crucial to have your mattress professionally cleaned at least every 6 months. The pollutants and dust mites in your mattress can not only disrupt your sleep but can also compromise your health and cause allergies and in some cases severe asthma attacks! Hence the first step you must take in order to get a good night’s sleep is to make sure your mattress is professionally deep cleaned. And you don’t have to go far to find the best professionals, we provide the best mattress cleaning services in Melbourne. With our same-day service and choice of both the dry and steam cleaning of mattresses in Melbourne, you have nothing to worry about.

With all these tips, you shall be able to get a perfectly good night’s rest. But don’t forget the first and most important tip- make sure your mattress is regularly and professionally cleaned, and for that, we are here for you. For more information, visit our website and get a professional mattress cleaning service in Melbourne with us.

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