6 foods that naturally whiten your teeth

In our world today almost 80% is concerned about self-beautification and good looks. People tend to spend a lot on skin and teeth whiteners rather than on healthy food. It’s really sad to know that people give more value & attention on what they look on the outside rather than keeping their body strong and fit inside.

Well, the good news is the latest study shows that there are 6 foods that will not only give you nutritional benefits but it can also help whiten your teeth.

Cauliflower: Basically because it’s one food that requires a lot of chewing, chewing produces more saliva, and more saliva means more natural teeth cleansers.

Strawberries: It has nothing to do with chewing. Strawberries just happen to have an enzyme called malic acid which makes teeth whiter naturally.

Cheese: Have you ever wondered why rats have white teeth? Simply because they love cheese. Cheese and most dairy products like milk and yogurt contain lactic acid & calcium which is an enamel fortifying mineral that does not only make the teeth stronger but also makes it whiter.

Celery: Is a nutrient rich, chewable, fibrous vegetable low in calories that not only makes teeth whiter but keeps gum tissues healthy and strong as well.

Apples: These are crunchy foods and it’s good because it provides a natural scrubbing action which helps in washing food particles from your teeth thus keeping them white. Yes, we all know that apples are a great source of vitamin C which is good for the body but only a very few people know that they are also great at cleaning and scrubbing our teeth as well and because of the apples acid content, it can also fight bacteria and eliminate the cause of bad breath. But as helpful as the apple may be, nothing is perfect in this world and too much of everything may prove to be bad and in this case to your health and to your teeth as well. For even if the apple can be healthy for you, its juice contains sugar that if taken in large amounts can cause cavities and tooth decay.

6 foods that naturally whiten your teeth
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Banana: It is loaded with great amounts of potassium, magnesium and manganese, three minerals known to remove stains which make your teeth whiter. Bananas have been known to contain high nutritional values, packed with vitamins and minerals needed by our body to stay healthy and strong.

We always regard bananas as something nutritious but did we ever stop to consider if eating too much could be harmful to our teeth? Latest studies show that when it comes to our teeth bananas have its good and bad effects. On the good side, bananas were found to have a pH value of 4.5 – 5.2. They contain very low levels of acidity when matched with other fruits thus, making them the best choice for healthy teeth.

Aside from the three minerals it gives, banana peels are also packed with calcium to help strengthen the enamel and jawbone and vitamin D which assist in calcium absorption. Two compelling forces that works together to preserve and protect your oral health. But not everything in bananas are good as it had been found to have its bad side too. As we had said, it has a very low acid level but eating a hefty volume of bananas can possibly lead to enamel loss.

Also you might be wondering why bananas are sweet and tasty. It’s because of their high sugar content which is 14 grams. The sugar content in bananas causes teeth bacteria to produce acid which over time, if not checked, will eventually lead to tooth decay. Lastly, bananas have high starch content which slowly dissolves. This also causes cavities if left unattended. Still, bananas have been regarded as a favourite fruit and even if it has some negative aspects, it still depends on the amount of bananas you would consume.

So the next time you go to the grocery, try to include these foods on your list. It may cost you more but a little amount of each may give you a lot of savings in the future. These are just a few tips provided by Sydney CBD Dentistry to show you how these simple, everyday foods can be beneficial to your teeth when in moderation.

Dr. Damian Cuong Ha
Dr. Damian Cuong Ha
I am a dentist working at Sydney CBD Dentistry and my treatment philosophy is to optimise and encourage maintenance of one’s natural dentition. I am also a health and fitness aficionado, and I enjoy travelling and cultural activities.
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