5 best family lawyers in Brisbane

There is a unique quality to family law that is unlike any other department in the legal system. From divorces to settling on possession of assets and managing the custody of children in the wake of a separation, there is a need to bring in conciliatory negotiators who can help all parties rather than just their own client.

In a city like Brisbane where there is incredible growth, the rate of divorce is reflected like the rest of the country. This makes it paramount for a firm to be available to clients that require the best possible representation, ensuring that their wellbeing and that of their family is upheld during these trying circumstances.

So who are the best operators in this environment exactly? Amid all of the names of the firms and lawyers who promote their own cause, who can you trust to advocate your position in court or before a settlement case where the art of negotiation comes into play?

Here we will take a closer look at the leading outlets in this industry who enjoy a track record of obtaining results on behalf of their client.

Below is a list of the top family lawyers in Brisbane:

No.: Family law firm Website
1 Phillips Family Law www.phillipsfamilylaw.com.au
2 Michael Lynch Family Lawyers www.michaellynchfamilylawyers.com.au
3 DA Family Lawyers www.dafamilylawyers.com.au
4 Journey Brisbane Family Lawyers www.brisbanefamilylawyers.com.au
5 BFLC www.bflc.com.au


Phillips Family Law

best family law firm in Brisbane
Photo: Screenshot from phillipsfamilylaw.com.au

Address: King George Central, 145, level 2 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3007 9898

Phillips Family Law is a brand that has been entrusted with the Brisbane public for generations, reflecting the 34 plus years of experience and diligence of founder and managing director Tony Phillips.

The philosophy is simple but effective – to provide expert focus on your family law case and to manage the complications and nuance that is inherent in the matter.

Empathy could be seen as a weakness in some circles but for those who deal in an environment such as family law, it happens to be one of the core strengths of the operation.

Supported by fellow director Fiona Caulley, senior associate Rebecca O’Brien, associates Stephanie Wilkinson, Phillip Ridgway, Olivia Phillips and consultant Sarah Bastian-Jordan, this well rounded and award-winning team cater to all specialties in the sector.

Phillips Family Law service ranges from divorce and separation matters to financial settlements, parenting arrangements, de facto and same sex relationships, pre nuptial and financial agreements, relocation, child support, international clients and advising third parties.

Big picture solutions are the hallmark of the organisation, ensuring that there is careful strategy at play to protect assets and to have other family members cared for.

Navigating towards a mutually beneficial result is not always attainable, but it is vital that Brisbane-based clients speak with a firm as qualified and experienced as Phillips Family Law in the hope that those targets can be reached.

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers

Address: Level 9/193 N Quay, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3221 4300

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers have the resources and experience to ensure that you put your best case forward in the Brisbane legal system.

Clients are given a first up fixed price on consultation number one, setting the tone for a process that will be geared around practical advise and serious representation.

There is no field of specialty that is not covered given the extensive team that is involved with Michael Lynch Family Lawyers.

All bases are covered from child support to custody and adoption, family mediation, property settlement, superannuation, domestic violence, court procedures, divorce and financial agreements.

The high volume of accreditation and intellectual property held within the firm is put to good use through the assistance of webinars and seminars that help to educate the public on the machinations of family law.

Managing director Michael Lynch is supported by fellow directors Tarah Tosh and Amy Honan, leading a team of dedicated specialists who are renowned for their work across the city of Brisbane and beyond.

The firm has recently passed the 20 year milestone and as the service continues to grow their reach, they are giving added value to clients who want to be aware of all of the facts of the case as they proceed forward.

DA Family Lawyers

Brisbane divorce family lawyers
Photo: Screenshot from dafamilylawyers.com.au

Address: 8/183 N Quay, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3238 5900

DA Family Lawyers understand the emotional toll that can be placed on spouses who are managing through one of the most trying times in their life. By combining diligent professionalism across a case with compassion and sensitivity around individuals affected by separation, this organisation remains one of the shining lights in the Brisbane industry.

DA Family Lawyers are led by managing director Lisa Foley and director Deborah Awyzio, two experienced and accredited operators who enjoy a stellar reputation in the local community.

This firm ensures that the legal support offered to clients is cost-effective, helping to eliminate extra financial costs with a transparent billing model in place.

The areas of specialty for DA Family Lawyers features property disputes, mediation resolutions, families with children and collaborative practices, each designed around a sensitive approach that is orientated on the future and wellbeing of the client.

For those Brisbane citizens who are anxious about engaging in a lengthy consultation process that requires scheduling during business hours, DA Family Lawyers provide a confidential online portal to start the process whenever you wish.

This free and instantaneous software product is geared for customer satisfaction, taking the hassle out of face-to-face appointments at an initial phase.

Just another reason why directors Foley and Awyzio are leaders in their field.

Journey Brisbane Family Lawyers

divorce lawyers brisnabe
Photo: Screenshot from brisbanefamilylawyers.com.au

Address: level 6/420 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3832 5999

Journey Brisbane Family Lawyers argue that substance over style is their preference, and with a portfolio that boasts a multitude of satisfied clients from all spectrums of the city, that is a fair claim.

With a team of 8 specialists who all bring their own unique approach to the industry, Journey Brisbane Family Lawyers have a wealth of expertise to call upon to meet the legal challenges that may lay ahead.

One of the ways in which this institution helps people in the community is to offer a free consultation with one of the Journey lawyers to give the client a gauge of their circumstances.

This is before a fixed fee structure that helps to minimise the financial burden on the client, a factor that can create tension and stress on spouses who are already close to breaking point.

Where Journey Brisbane Family Lawyers really excel is in the domain of tackling domestic violence, a topic that is often taboo in official circles as these incidents will be a decisive factor in a divorce or child custody dispute.

By recognising and acting on these incidents to protect the spouse and children from future harm, the caring team at this firm ensure that private consultations are held before proceeding to measures that will give guarantees to the afflicted individuals.


Address: 10 Albion Rd, Albion QLD 4010
Phone: (07) 3862 1955

Brisbane Family Law Centre or BFLC for short open up their webpage with a very pertinent quote from the late great Marilyn Monroe: “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

This is a timely reminder that divorces and separations arise for a reason and the best path forward is to focus on the status and wellbeing of all parties in order to move forward.

By providing a free 15-minute enquiry call for those spouses who have separated or are considering a split in the relationship, BFLC illustrate that they have the best interests of the client at heart.

This firm strives to give a detailed assessment of your particular circumstances to ensure that there is clarity where everyone is informed.

It is often a lack of information and being in a state of confusion that leads to poor decisions being made from spouses.

Brisbane Family Law Centre advocates based on the facts, a principle that is upheld by director Clarrisa Rayward and her team of specialists Charles Letts, Toni Perkins, Maria Buglar, Alison Allen, Angela Cornford Scott and Freya Gardon.

With the use of educational videos to bring individuals up to speed on the legal ramifications that are at play, the key for BFLC is to issue resolution pathways that are enacted through collaboration, mediation and negotiation tactics.

That concludes our look at the 5 best family lawyers in Brisbane. Open a discussion with friends and family who have been through a similar experience for their recommendations, but bank on the expertise of these operators to ensure that your case will be advocated by a top representative in the field.

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