Expert plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Richardson on how he transforms lives with his cosmetic services

Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is a clinic that has been operating for almost 2 decades. Its success in providing safe and comprehensive surgeries to patients is all thanks to the expertise of Dr. Philip Richardson.

With decades of experience, Dr. Philip Richardson has become the leading plastic surgeon in Brisbane, specialising in breast surgeries. He discusses his career, his journey to success, and the incredible impacts that his services have on all of his clients.

Hi Dr. Richardson thank you for your time. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Dr. Philip Richardson –  Brisbane’s breast specialist. I have over 18 years experience as a fully-qualified plastic surgeon in Brisbane. I have an additional 12 years specialist training, and have performed over 7,500 breast surgeries in the past decade. I specialise in breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast implant revision surgery, male breast reduction, and mummy makeover procedures. I opened my clinic Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in 2002 and have been refining my expertise in the field of cosmetic breast surgery ever since. I am now the trusted name in breast surgery in Brisbane and Queensland.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon?

I was inspired to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon when I was able to see the profound impact of plastic and reconstructive procedures beyond the aesthetic outcomes. Through my work at the Children’s Hospital performing reconstructive procedures I was able to understand the importance of this field of work. Over time, I refined my surgical techniques and found my unique skillset in cosmetic procedures that I owe to years of practice in intricate surgeries on patients from all walks of life. The attention to detail and steady hand gained from this experience made for an exceptional ability to perform successful cosmetic surgeries.

As I developed my private practice I found that cosmetic breast surgery was a field of surgery wrought with misinformation, underqualified practitioners offering cheap surgeries, and negligence. Cosmetic breast procedures certainly are some of the most in-demand surgical services, and the number of patients being put at severe risk by negligent practitioners and cheap medical tourism was a serious problem. I entered the market with a goal to provide transparent education and expert advice to patients to ensure they are making informed decisions and mitigating risk when it comes to surgery. Beyond this goal, I aim to provide exceptional results to patients and achieve positive aesthetic and quality-of-life outcomes.

How did you go about gaining the skills and qualification to do this?

I graduated with first class honours in bachelor of medicine from the University of Queensland. I then completed my three-year residency at the PA hospital and an additional four years specialist training. I have trained at the PA, Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and the Mater Children’s hospital. I continued to work as a visiting reconstructive surgeon at the Royal Children’s public hospital in Brisbane. I have now been specialising in cosmetic breast surgery for the past 18 years and have helped over 7,500 women achieve their aesthetic breast goals.

I am FRACS certified, a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

What kind of procedures can people get at Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery?

Here at Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery we aim to take a laser focus on cosmetic breast surgery and mummy makeover procedures. We strive to be experts in our field and not spread ourselves thin by offering every cosmetic procedure a patient could want. We keep the number of procedures offered to the fundamental breast and tummy procedures to ensure that every surgery performed is of the highest standard possible and informed by decades of targeted experience.

The procedures offered include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast lift and augmentation, breast implant revision, breast implant removal, tuberous breast correction, male breast reduction, and mummy makeover procedures including breast augmentation and tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck, and breast reduction and tummy tuck.

Who are these services appropriate for?

Dr. Richardson welcomes both men and women to the clinic and we are an LGBTQ+ friendly space that accommodates top surgery for transgender females (MTF). We do recommend that patients are at a healthy weight (BMI 35 and under), and are not pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of their surgery.

Our services are targeted towards women that suffer from congenital breast conditions, have oversized breasts that are causing pain or discomfort, or those who are simply unhappy with the appearance of their breasts and are seeking surgical solutions. Men with gynaecomastia are suitable candidates for male breast reduction.

Are there any key things a patient should know before going into one of these procedures?

All surgeries come with risks and our goal here at Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is to ensure that you are completely informed before making any decisions regarding surgery. We aim to provide comprehensive information and place the power in your hands to make the best choices for you. We will help you along every step of the way and provide our expertise to achieve the best safety and aesthetic outcomes for you. It’s important to come to the clinic with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

What do you think makes Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery different from other clinics out there?

We place extreme importance on patient safety and are not in the business of attracting clients, but rather providing them with the information and knowledge they need to make informed decisions. We use our expert knowledge, decades of experience, and safety profile to ensure patients feel secure, safe, and supported throughout their surgical journey.

We provide a lifetime follow-up guarantee to make sure our patients are supported from the time of their first appointment until decades down the track. This is a unique offer that requires significant resources and we do not take the long-term satisfaction and happiness of our patients lightly.

Finally, what do you hope people get out of their experience at your clinics?

We hope that patients leave our clinic feeling empowered, confident, and equipped with the knowledge and understanding they need to ensure their long-term satisfaction. We believe that cosmetic surgery is holistic experience that combines many aspects of physical and psychological wellbeing and we hope that all patients who have surgery with us feel supported in every domain.

Of course, our core goal at the clinic is to provide exceptional aesthetic outcomes to patients and we are true experts when it comes to the surgery itself. You can take a look at our website or Instagram to see the results for yourself!

Thank you Dr. Richardson for your time!

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