Everything you need to know about Australia’s next Bachelorette

Ali Oetjen is Australia’s newest Bachelorette and is certainly no rookie when it comes to reality TV.

Ali Oetjen recently competed in the first season of Bachelor in Paradise where she fell in love with one of the stars of the American series of The Bachelor, Grant. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and now Ali is giving love a third chance as she embarks on a new journey on The Bachelorette.

It’s been a whirlwind few months for Ali who was seen wearing a diamond engagement ring just one month before filming for Bachelor in Paradise. The 31-year-old had been engaged for two years.

Ali Oetjen has previously appeared on the first season of The Bachelor with Tim Robards where she made the final three. Across that first season, Ali earnt a strong reputation being labeled as a “stage five clinger” by many viewers, spurred on by her trying to kiss Tim Robards during the first episode.

She commented last year on her time on The Bachelor while speaking with Jodie and Soda on Adelaide’s Mix102.3 saying that “It does really mess you around in the head” and warned anyone going on the show in the future to be prepared for a “mental rollercoaster…it’s not all fun and games.”

Ali left The Bachelor solo but quickly found love in the form of David Waldeck with the couple getting engaged in 2015. However, less than a month before the filming for Bachelor in paradise began, it appears that the engagement and wedding were called off as Ali Oetjen swiftly deleted any evidence of their relationship.

It all seemed to be made better when Ali met Grant Kemp in Fiji with the couple quickly falling in love with each other. But it appears that Ali’s disappointment at not receiving gat engagement ring at the end of the show may have played a part in their separation. Ali did end up going to LA but the relationship didn’t work out and the two Bachie stars are now back on the market.

Despite an evidently smoother face and fuller lips, Ali Oetjen has denied multiple times to have any cosmetic work done saying she “hadn’t even had Botox (her) forehead before” and that the lack of movement was simply a result of her “not reacting” to people’s comments whilst on Bachelor in Paradise.

Her failed relationship with Grant Kemp isn’t exactly all bad with Ali Oetjen announced Australia’s next Bachelorette!

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