Eric Decker explains how he can create wedding videos in just 48 hours

Eric Decker is the Director of Storytelling at Spark Weddings, which creates videos and albums for weddings incredibly quickly. The team at Spark send a videographer and photographer to wedding ceremonies, and can deliver the photos and video within 48 hours!

Eric, how do you create the wedding videos and albums so quickly?

We saw that many wedding videographers and photographers were taking up to 4 months to get their videos and photos back to couples, and we wanted to change that. We have worked tirelessly for the past year to create systems and processes to create stunning wedding films & photos in just 48 hours.

For the day of the wedding, we created an app just for your wedding. The app has each shot needed and helps videographers and photographers get just the shots they need. After that, all of the footage is overnighted via Fedex to our main office in Atlanta. Our editing team has created templates and systems that help them edit an entire wedding film in just 10 hours. After that, the film undergoes an intense revision process to fine tune the film and assure the quality is up to our standards.

Once that’s completed, films & photos are sent over to our couples while they are still on their honeymoon. Their reactions make the whole process so worth it!

Do you have time to edit the photos and video?

Using our proprietary systems, we have allowed our editors to spend only the time needed to create a beautiful product. Many times, “one man show” videographers get stuck in the creative process or have no sense of urgency to get films & photos back to couples. We have removed this by putting specific time restrains in place. This is always backed by a very careful revision process to make sure no corners were cut, and that the quality of the film is up to our standards.

Using these systems actually allows us to deliver a higher quality product. Because we have spent so much time thinking about what it takes to put together the perfect wedding films and photos, we are creating much more beautiful and cinematic products for our couples. That’s our brand though, high quality at an affordable price.

Within 48 hours most couples will be on their honeymoon – do you deliver the video to them there?

Yes! And couples are freaking out about it. Actually, you can see a video of one of our couples talking about it here or below:

Yes, the idea is that couples can enjoy their films & photos while they are still on the high of their wedding. While many times, the excitement has dies down by the time creative is delivered, we’re adding to the wedding experience.

I’d like to think we’re the cherry on top! Our last bride was in Jamaica and said “We’re literally sitting here in Jamaica and we just got our wedding video back, like what?”. We’re always really excited to get this kind of feedback because it means we are serving our brides well.

For us, that means creating a better wedding experience for our couples and always exceeding expectations. That’s our goal, our definition of a win.

Do you find that there is a lot of demand for wedding videos to be created this fast?

There was absolutely no demand because no one knew it was possible! When we tell people, they don’t really know how to react, we mostly get shocked reactions. It’s not until we deliver the film that most couples freak out. When they’re on their honeymoon and as they wake up from their travel day, have their wedding film & photo ready to share with their friends, people loose it.

We normally get a ton of inquiries from this, when they tell their friends how crazy it actually is. As we have delivered more and more, we are getting more couples who come to us asking for the 48 Hr package. We’re happy to help them, once again, our mission is to make their wedding day unforgettable, and this is part of that.

Do you print the photos for delivery or send digital copies?

We send all videos and photos digitally. This allows us to expediate the speed that we’re able to deliver films and photos. Both can be downloaded literally from the email onto your mobile device and posted directly to social media. We have tried many different digital delivery services and we have found that the review platform is our best option.

This allows brides and grooms to leave any revisions to make sure all videos and photos are perfect. Couples do, however, have the option to create prints. Prints are, of course, very popular and should always be an option for the long term. Our immediate focus is always to get beautiful films and photos to our couples fast. Prints come as a secondary to sharing with family and friends.

What parts of the wedding do you normally include in the videos?

As mentioned, we have created an app called “storyteller” which we have worked very hard on. We spent a lot of that time focusing what parts of the day the perfect wedding video includes. All of that information has been consolidated into the app, which instruct our shooters what parts of the day to focus on. We like to start when the bride is getting ready showing her and her friends getting ready, dresses, makeup, all of it. We’ll always get first looks as well, this could be with the groom, the dad, brother, etc..

Next, we’ll focus on the ceremony, especially getting a shot of the groom’s face- always such a sweet reaction. This is also a great opportunity for us to capture family members. Once the ceremony has come to an end. We’ll capture reception footage and that’s when the part starts, heck we might even join the dance floor! When the couple is ready to hit the road, we’re there to capture their final moments of the day as well.

Thank you Eric for sharing your thoughts!
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