Emma Stone is injured while shooting Disney’s 101 Dalmatians spin-off

Filming for the 101 Dalmatians origin spin-off maybe need to come to a temporary halt. Actress Emma Stone who will play Cruella De Vil in the film suffered a nasty injury.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, a source says that the 30-year-old actress suffered an injury while he was at home. According to the source Stone “hurt her shoulder after slipping on a floor at a home.”

It is unclear where whose or which home she slipped and fell in or if it is in the location of production. However, the actress reportedly sustained only minor injuries from the accident. The Oscar award winner reportedly wears a sling on her injured arm as she recovers.

The production is expected to move forward despite the injured star as she has not been called to film her scenes as of yet. The live-action remake has an official release date of December 23 next year. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film will be set in the 1980s as a prequel to Glenn Close’s 1996 live action 101 Dalmatians. After a lengthy 24 years, the Disney franchise will finally be seen back on the silver screen.

The upcoming film is an origin story of the iconic Disney villain titled Cruella. A similar film that Disney has released was 2014’s Maleficent that went on to be a global box office success. It even earned a sequel set to premiere on October 16 this year. Fans are hoping that Stone’s movie will follow suit with its success. The film is among the many spin-offs and reboots expected from Disney Studios.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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