Eleanor Wolper designs unique apparel, accessories and homeware

Eleanor Wolper is an artist from New York who prints her work on fabrics, leather and glass, and uses these to create clothing, accessories and home goods.

She creates all kinds of goods, from pillows and leggings to glass trays and leather wallets. Her artworks/products are sold over Vida here: shopvida.com/collections/eleanorwolper

Eleanor, what inspired you to create your artworks?

My inspiration mostly is about needing to express my self i paint to create a beautiful scenario’s or fun and puzzling i paint because i need to.

Why did you decide to sell them over Vida?

I decided to sell on vida because vida gave me a platform to see my visual creations to life,on clothing and accessories the canvas is provided for me and i can paint it as i wish. I provide the art work and vida provides the material.

Do you have a favourite material to work on?

My favorite material would depend on the My upbringing was in new York city lower east side nyc i have always loved creative work be it painting or fabric design.I studied at fashion institute of technology nyc for textile design

What kinds of products do you find are most popular (i.e. t-shirts, leggings, wallets etc.)?

People seem to love the leggings and the statement clutch bags.

How would you define yourself as an artist?

How i would define my self as a artist vibrant and in love with colors.
I am a abstract artist that enjoys all sorts of mediums stone carving printing silk screening water color painting witch i have a large body of work with.

Do you have a preferred style to paint in?

I have worked in many medias but water color is one of my favorite the diversity of what I can do is endless I found Vida well they found me i have my art work on several art sites and was contacted the thrill of getting my art on fabric and other items in my collection that is a unbelievable feeling paint its different for every project and technique.

EH Wolper Purple postcard

Thank you Eleanor for sharing your thoughts with us!

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