Drake and Kylie Jenner fires up dating rumors via Instagram hints

It seems that things are heating up between Kylie Jenner and Drake after fans noticed that the two might have been hinting on their new relationship on social media.

It hasn’t been long since the Kylie-Drake-Travis rumors have circulated the web and subsequently died down, but now it seems that things might be heating up again especially for the Kylie-Drake shippers who were hard at work to see if things will fall into place for them.

A few days ago, Drake posted a photo on Instagram wearing a white Nike cap with a giant kiss mark. People have started to hypothesize that the kiss mark was from Kylie’s infamous lips. Another thing that got people’s attention was the hoodie that Drake was wearing which says ‘Sierra Canyon’, a school that Kylie went to when she was a girl.

Drake’s caption got fans even more excited and suspicious at the same time with just dropping a lips emoji. Now, to the normal person, this might come off as reaching and doesn’t really warrant tangible evidence that the two have started seeing each other for real. But apparently, there is more.

Seventeen Magazine reported recently that Kylie had posted a photo of two vending machines from the Kylie Cosmetics headquarters. In the photo, there is a customized Skittles machine while to its left has a machine that dispenses mini champagne bottles. This seems more of a stretch than the first couple of hints but fans have put on their Sherlock hat and strung a reason that since Drake calls himself as ‘champagne papi’, this might be a subtle wink.

This recently collected evidence has sparked rumors across all social media platforms that follow the two. Kylie has been widely known for being extremely good at hiding secrets due to the fact she hid her pregnancy from the public so well so it is unlikely that the young cosmetics mogul will not be speaking about anything about this anytime soon.

Multiple sources have also said that the two are not fully committed to each other. Meanwhile, People Magazine spoke to a source close to them and said that it seems like Kylie is not dating but sees the rapper occasionally. It might also be a ploy to make Travis Scott jealous. This doesn’t make any sense though, as the two have been doing their co-parenting for their daughter pretty smoothly and are currently on good terms with each other.

Another source said that Kylie was dancing and rapping to songs while she was next to Drake but they weren’t particularly dancing together. The dating rumors between Kylie and Drake first gained attention when Kylie attended Drake’s birthday party back in November where she hung out with Drake and his friends.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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