Do you really need a property inspection?

When you look for a property as an investment or as your home, the first thing you check is the price. Price is a major factor that influences property buying decisions. The next is the condition and suitability of the property.

Yes, a property is a huge investment and no one would like to pay that huge amount for a property which has potential problems or heavy upcoming repairs.

How to be safe than sorry in a property deal?

There are enough horror stories of property buyers who bought a property that looked fine from outside but had serious issues. These issues can be easily missed during a regular property inspection because they are not so obviously visible.

However, it is important for every property buyer to access the property for any existing problems or that may occur in future.

One of the smartest ways to do that is by opting for a house inspection also known as property inspection. It is always advisable to bring in property experts and let them evaluate the property for any defects.

Property Inspections. Do you really need them?

Yes, you do. Pre-purchase building inspections are absolutely advisable. It is not about a few hundred dollars when you are making an investment as huge as a property.

They are certified and professional house inspectors who can examine the condition of a property and ensure it is structurally accurate without any hidden problems.

They provide an extensive property report with detailed description of faulty areas and also include suggestions for further evaluation. There are several things that house inspectors check during a house inspection in Melbourne, like:

Structural elements

Window alignment, construction of visible foundation and blowing of the structure.

Electrical structure

Light fixtures, proper function of circuit breakers and the type of visible wiring.

Interior and exterior surfaces

Condition of exterior paint, properly working electrical outlets and correct the ground material.

Roof surfaces

Damage chimneys, properly working gutters, clear vents and situation of shingles.


The condition of stairs, fire sprinklers, garage door openers and working state of fire alarms.


Walls and floors, solid foundation and signs of any water damage.

Cooling and heating system

The condition of a water heater, fireplace, air conditioning and furnace.

The property inspection report helps you determine potential issues in your shortlisted property. A building inspection in Melbourne is quite common and most of the property offers are made with an inspection clause. Means, failing the property inspection will terminate the offer.

Here are a few other reasons why a house inspection in Melbourne can be a profitable deal:

Evaluate Cost of Repairs

When you inspect a property yourself, you don’t dig into property’s structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. That’s also because you can’t see them directly. At first glance, a property may look perfect but the real issues may be hiding from what you see. Easy and cheap looking repair may also turn into a huge expense.

When you opt for a pre-purchase property inspection, you can be aware of hidden issues and cost of repairs. It is helpful to set that budget aside.

Provide an Unbiased Report

Property inspectors act as a buyer agent rather than a seller agent and they help you make the right decision. It is essential to have a trained professional involved. House inspector conducting quality building inspection has no hidden motives. They strictly inspect a building to determine the condition. Therefore, you can be assured, you will get an unbiased opinion.

Ensure Government Compliance

While buying a new home, the last thing you want to deal with is getting into any kind of conflict with government regulations. During a house inspection, the inspector will check the property for government compliance. This can include minor things like smoke detectors being properly wired into a home’s electrical system.

Identify Safety Issues

Safety is everyone’s priority. A house inspection ensures you the safety of a property before you or your tenants move in. It will reveal whether the house is free of substances such as asbestos, mildew, cracks and other dangerous items. Determining the safety problems can help you make a wise decision.

Don’t Risk Your Property Investment For a Few Hundred Dollars!

An extensive house inspection can give a peace of mind that you are getting a good deal. It helps you make the important decision of buying the right property. If you are looking for property inspections in Melbourne, 360 Degrees Property Inspections can be a good choice. They are a fully insured house inspection service and their prices are quite competitive.

Make sure, whenever you sign up for an inspection service, ask for an accurate and informative pre-purchase building report. It is delivered within the 24 hours of the inspection.

Mike Bhagat
Mike Bhagat
Mike works as an outreach manager for many property and real estate businesses. His expertise lies in finance, safety products, and real estate.
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