Cute ways to cheer up your girlfriend after a bad day

Relationships are easy when everyone is happy and problem-free. However, what happens when the mood changes and bad days arrive? Being in a romantic relationship with someone means being there for them in both good and bad and trying to cheer up them.   

It’s said that being understanding and accepting is the key to every relationship. Yes, it can be frustrating to deal with someone’s bad mood, but just think about the fact that you too have those difficult days.  

Women tend to be more emotional and sensitive than men. Also, there is the case of hormones. Whatever the reason for the bad mood, it’s nice to know what to do to make your girl feel better and how to cheer her up. Take a look at our list and maybe you’ll find a good way to deal with your girlfriend’s bad day.  

Express interest in finding out her problems

The best way to find out about her problems is by listening to her. And listen to her good, don’t just pretend to be doing so. You’ll not only give her the opportunity to let off some steam by saying what’s on her mind but also show her that you really care. Be understanding and tentative, you don’t need to solve all her problems just be there for her. 

Show patience 

If she is struggling with whether to tell you about her problems or not, don’t pressure her. Be patient, play it by ear at first. Give her time and space and you will see how she’ll come to you. Showing empathy is a very important step in every relationship. And being patient has many benefits as well you just need to practice it a little more.

Help her get relaxed and comfortable

If you see that your girlfriend is struggling both emotionally and physically, know that there is something that you can do to help her. Treat her to a relaxing day at a spa or just make her a spa at your home. Draw her a warm bubble bath, give her a massage, play relaxing music. Get her comfortable and relaxed and let her get her mind off the problems.

Hug and cuddle her

Physical intimacy brings many benefits both physical and psychological. Hugging or cuddling someone after a long day not only makes you feel warm and loved, but it also helps you get into a better mood. Sharing any sort of physical contact such as hugging, kissing, cuddling reduces stress levels and improves mood enhancing the feelings of calm and trust. That’s why you are allowed to be corny and hug your girl long and good if she’s having a bad day. Or simply hug her every day, regardless.  

Send her a card and flowers

It’s a fact that girls love getting flowers. But what they love even more is receiving flowers with a special card in them. A flower shop in Adelaide offers delivery of fresh flowers. Flower delivery Adelaide can make you an arrangement of any flowers you want and have them delivered at your address. All you have to do is include a card with a couple of nice or funny words that will cheer your girl up. So, if you live in Adelaide or in some of its surrounding suburbs, we highly recommend you check them out and show your girl how special she is by sending her a beautiful flower arrangement. 

Cute ways to cheer up your girlfriend after a bad day
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Cook her a nice dinner

What a better way to cheer her up than by cooking her dinner. Set up a nice romantic candlelit dinner with a nice bottle of wine. And if that’s a bit too much then make the food she loves and do the whole Netflix and chill thing. Nothing makes you feel warm around the heart like having someone make you a nice meal.

Take her for a stroll or take her on a trip

If you see her struggling, take her for a walk. Let her breathe in some air and let some steam off. Physical exercises help in reducing stress levels. Also, if possible, take her on a trip – spend some time in nature away from all the problems. She’ll appreciate being with you away from the rest of the world and problems.

Make her laugh

It is said that the power of laughter heals, and improves our lives. Laughter decreases stress and gives a sense of well-being. These are some of the reasons why you should do everything in your power to make your girl laugh. Tell her a joke or a funny story, cheer her up in order to relieve some of her stress. Show her that current problems are not so serious and she will for sure appreciate it. 

Do things with her that you normally wouldn’t

Doing things with her that you normally wouldn’t is another way of showing your support and care. Go shopping with her, help her with house chores, you can even hang out with her girlfriends for a while for moral support. Just be there for her in every situation, even the ones that you normally wouldn’t.

Communication is the key 

The key to most relationships is communication. The lack of said communication creates unnecessary tension and needless arguments. That’s why it’s important to have an honest and open partnership in order to be happy in a relationship. Be transparent with your partner about everything. Maybe the whole problem was due to the lack of communication between the two of you. Perhaps she feels as if you are hiding something or that you can’t be honest with her for some reason. 

Change that while you still can. Show her that you are honest and open and that you aren’t keeping anything from her. Good relationships are built on trust and mutual respect – always keep that in mind!  


As you can see, it doesn’t take much to cheer your girl up. You just need to follow her ques and to know what she likes. Give her space and time. Be patient, understanding and communicate with her. Going through hardships with your partner is what makes or breaks your relationship.

Plus, it takes so little to make someone feel better and happy. 

Lena Hemsworth
Lena Hemsworth
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